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3.08.17 – April Bid Sheet Briefing

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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April Bid Sheet Briefing

Hello Miami! This is your bid sheet and reserve brief for April. We had our monthly conference call this week with the Allocations department.
Here are Miami’s preliminary manning numbers for April, with March numbers for comparison:

The co-terminal and satellite job numbers for April are;
PBI 36
FLL 40 domestic, 40 international
ATL 21
We were very encouraged last month with the sequence quality enhancements that the Company had put into the optimizer which generated more turns and two-day trips. The optimizer is still set with new parameters, but we were very disappointed to receive the allocations and find that Miami wasn’t the recipient of the two-day trips for April.

We were told that the goal of 2,400 two-day trips system wide was met, but Miami just didn’t get as many as other bases. However, some of the early departure domestic turns that we receive many requests for have returned. We also got the long UIO and GYE back for April.
Our numbers for the 4FA (737, 757, A320) solution are:
                     1           2           3          4
Trips             357       161       432        7
Percent         37.3      16.8      45.1      0.7
Avg Pay        6.12     10.44    15.19   18.13
                     1           2           3          4
Trips             364       205       649       65
Percent        28.4      16.0      50.6      5.1
Avg Pay       6.11     10.44    15.40   20.48
Remember that these numbers are for narrow body daily trips. The wide body and long haul trips remain fairly stable, with the normal seasonal changes that occur every year.
We caused some confusion when we used the term “red-eye” in last month’s brief. Red-eye is what we have always called all-nighters. We adopted this term in the JCBA. It is defined as a duty period that touches 0200 home base time. There is no change to what this is, we were just using the new term. The enhancements we discussed were not applicable to international long-haul flying and had no bearing on the mistake that the Company made building some South America lines. That should be fixed going forward and we are sorry for the confusion.
As always, please continue to give us your feedback.
Until next time, fly safely!

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