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2.24.17 – Retirment Seminars, Facebook, Alternative Uniforms, Base Meeting, Base Council Reps

Friday, March 24, 2017

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Retirement Seminars

We would like to thank Ron Harris and Patrick Hancock for traveling to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to hold their Retirement Seminar. We had nearly 100 Flight Attendants between the two days take advantage of this excellent seminar. 

If you were unable to attend, you can visit the Retirement page on the website and download the ’Good Slide! Taking the Jump Into Retirement’ packet which contains all the information that is presented at the seminar. 


We realize social media is the new wave of communication, however this is not the best way to reach out to a Union rep for assistance. If you need assistance from the Philadelphia Union Reps, please do not send us Facebook messages or tag us in posts as we most likely will not know about it or see the PM until hours after the event. The fastest way to reach us for immediate assistance is by calling or texting. 

You can email Brian and me right from your tablets: Document Library>APFA Local and National Contact List> PHL.  

New Alternative Uniform from Aramark

The Company recently announced yet another alternative to our uniforms.  Please refer to you Flight Service Manager for information and ordering details.

Save the Date

PHL will be hosting a Base Meeting, Wednesday May 3rd from 11am-3pm at the PHL Hampton Inn Airport

Duly Elected Base Council Reps

I would like to congratulate the Flight Attendants that have stepped up and have been duly elected as PHL APFA Base Council Reps. Their terms begin April 1st, 2017:

Rick Cangey
Sara Corrigan
Deb McCormick
Paul Frishkorn
Tracey Montanari
Erik Harris
Megan Osgood
Danny Yakel
Danny Mocuta
Sean Smigel

We have a great group of BCR’s, some with decades of experience and some new Flight Attendants willing to step up and start learning how to be the leaders of our future.

Kim Kaswinkle
APFA PHL Base President

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