3.24.17 – (LAA/LUS) – APFA President Bob Ross Comments on the New Alternative Uniform Option

Friday, March 24, 2017

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Dear APFA Colleagues,

As I am sure you have seen by now on Jetnet and the recent APFA Hotline, the tireless work of your Union representatives has produced a significant, although interim, victory for Flight Attendants affected by the new uniforms.

This week, the company announced a step that APFA and our brothers and sisters at CWA-IBT have been pushing for—a company-provided alternative uniform option. Since the rollout of the new uniforms, many of our members have reported suspected reactions, some of which have been quite serious.

While the Company and its vendor continue to defend the uniforms, APFA was never willing to accept that the suspected reactions were merely a wool allergy or a minor inconvenience. That’s why APFA has been carefully documenting all instances of reported suspected reactions and pushing the company to agree to meaningful testing protocols that could provide us with information we need to get to the bottom of the problem.

I would especially like to recognize the hard work of everyone at APFA for their continued and tireless monitoring of calls and documentation of uniform reaction issues. Through their many efforts, APFA made it impossible for the Company to ignore Flight Attendants’ pleas for an alternative uniform.  

This is, by no means, a permanent solution; however, I am proud of the measurable progress we have made.  Most importantly, due to APFA’s work as well as our membership’s cooperation in providing detailed reports:

  • The Company has acknowledged that there is a problem that must be addressed
  • Flight Attendants have been authorized to wear their blues or purchase items to be worn as a substitute
  • And now, there is a company-provided alternative uniform option for those who don’t wish to purchase or cannot find an adequate substitute 


It was APFA’s leadership and persistence that achieved these interim results, but make no mistake—I do not consider this issue put to bed. APFA will continue to document and investigate the reports we receive and press the Company to implement a long-term solution.

I am deeply appreciative of the dedication and patience of the membership on this issue, and my greatest concern is for those who have endured this preventable problem for as long as they have. The health and safety of our Flight Attendants is of the utmost importance. The interim solution must be followed by a permanent solution so that all Flight Attendants can go to work in a uniform that they have full confidence in. APFA will not rest until that happens.

 In Unity,

Bob Ross
APFA National President


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