4.05.17 – Base Union Meeting, Cabin/Odor Fume Events, Jumpseat Questions, Company Email vs CBS

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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Philadelphia Base Union Meeting

Your local base leadership will be having a base meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd, from 11am-2pm at the Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport. In attendance will be National President Bob Ross, as well as National Department Chairs from Contract, Scheduling, Safety & Security, and Retirement. 

Cabin Odor/Fume Events

If you are involved in an air quality odor event, your health comes first.  Please notify the Company immediately by calling Daily Ops at 888-222-4737, and seek medical attention if necessary.  Make sure to file a CERS Report so that the appropriate departments are not only notified of the event, but they also have an account of exactly what happened in your own words. Please contact the APFA Safety & Security Department if you have any questions or concerns.

Jumpseat Questions

We continue to receive calls from Flight Attendants at the gate asking for the cut off time for jumpseat awards.  Jumpseat is now awarded FCFS based on time of check-in and boarding priority.
The JCBA Section 37. 3 outlines the procedure for awarding the jumpseat:
At close out of the flight, non-revenue passengers will be processed for unoccupied passenger seats. After the completion of this process, all unoccupied cabin jumpseat(s) will be awarded by the boarding priority as specified in Paragraph G.1. Once awarded at close out, all cabin jumpseats awards are final and will not be rescinded or reissued even if the flight is subsequently delayed.
You can be bumped or removed for weight and balance. If you are removed or denied jumpseat for weight and balance and you are traveling on LUS metal, please notify scheduling if you are commuting to work.  Notify daily ops at 888-222-4737 if you are traveling for leisure. 

Company Email vs. CBS

As you know a few years ago, the Company issued AA email accounts to all employees. This is the primary source the Company uses for communications.  We are seeing less and less CBS messages.  
We have received many calls from Flight Attendants who have missed deadlines, communications from their supervisors, procedural changes and other important information relating to our job because they do not check or use this email account.
Many Flight Attendants only have this account set up on their tablets, and are unaware that you can check your AA email account via Jetnet as well.  We are not here to tell you that you have to use this email account; however, please be aware that this is the email address the Company will use to contact you and provide Company communications. 
If you are being contacted by your FSM for any reason, they will most likely send a notification to your Company email account.  If you are being placed on an auto issued level of discipline for your attendance, it will be sent to this account, and you only have ten days to respond to dispute the discipline. The Company should also be sending a hard copy letter to your home and placing a phone call to you advising you of discipline. We strongly encourage you to get into the habit of checking your Company email account.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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