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4.21.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Message from APFA National President Bob Ross


Friday, April 21, 2017

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This week, the Company continued its strategy of putting workers last by refusing to settle the arbitration case at anything above the 1.6% minimum and by announcing a further delay of FOI.  As the company continues reporting record profits, it is clear that stock buybacks, dividends and executive bonuses are the top priorities. This week’s events have left many of our members feeling frustrated and angry. APFA National and Base leadership share these emotions, and we all let the Company know at the FOI timeline presentation this week that this is unacceptable.

However, our voice is only as strong as the collective voice of all of you. Unions are, by definition, dependent on each and every one of us presenting a unified front to those who seek to enrich and improve themselves at our expense. 

The links below contain the arbitration panel’s ruling as well as APFA’s dissenting opinion. As you read them, keep in mind that APFA put up a hard fight in arbitration for a fair and equitable award despite the deck being stacked against us. While the Company may have won on a technicality or contractual nuance, this ruling should rather be seen as another major setback to American’s “Going for Great” campaign.

By allowing this case to be decided by arbitrators, management has, yet again, squandered an opportunity to invest in its most valuable asset—its people. The arbitration ruling this week has only strengthened our resolve in our fight to combat inequitable pay, the failing operational integration, toxic aircraft environments, uniform issues, a substandard profit sharing plan, and the ineffective corporate leadership that unfortunately has become a hallmark of “The New American.” But, the positive effects of this resolve can only be realized with the unwavering support of APFA’s most valuable player—you.

We must stand together now, more than ever. Resist the temptation to fall for divisive union busting tactics that do nothing but weaken our ability to be seen as the powerful, independent force that we are and have always been. We are 26,000 strong and with the support of our sister unions at APA and TWU, we can demonstrate that without the loyalty of front-line employees, the world’s largest airline will never be more than second rate.

Wage Arbitration Ruling.pdf

Wage Arbitration Ruling/Dissenting Opinion.pdf

Bob Ross

APFA National President



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