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5.11.17 – Base Meeting Recap, Know Your Contract, 10-J Rescheduling, Upcoming EC Meeting

Thursday, May 11, 2017

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As always PHL ROCKS! I am incredibly proud of the turnout for our base meeting-over 100 people attended. Thank you to all who attended, asked great questions and were provided good information on Air Quality and Cabin Odor events, retirement information, and the FOI timeline.

The JSIC Committee provided a presentation on the face-lifts and improvements that are being made to Crew Portal, ETB, TTS, ROTA and ROTD. We also had a robust Q & A with National President Bob Ross.

I would like to thank Bob Ross for taking time from his busy schedule to come to PHL to address the membership. We also need to thank Executive Committee Ad Hocs Jennifer McCauley and Steve Watson, APFA Department Chairs, Noelle Weiler- Safety, Chuck Ransdale- Contract, Daniel Koukes- Scheduling, A. Marie Plevritis- Hotel, Ron Harris- Retirement Specialist, and the JSIC Committee members- Alin Boswell, Julie Hedrick, Vicki Balistreri, and Linda Haertling.

It is safe to say we are all frustrated with the Company’s timeline for FOI. We must continue to stand together, push back, and let the Company know how disappointed we are with their implementation failures.

Know Your Contract

Our contract is at our fingertips on our tablets. Select the ‘Document Library’ app and then select ‘APFA Contract and Guides’.  Everything you need is right there. Keep in mind, we are currently working under all of the Scheduling Sections of the LUS 2013 Redbook.  Sections: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.

We would like to point out a couple of sections that we do get a lot of calls asking about:

Section 14 International, D. Transoceanic International Duty Time Limitations

1. A Flight Attendant on a TI duty period, scheduled with a duty day of fourteen (14) hours or less may be required to remain on duty for eighteen (18) hours in actual operations.

Many crews are of the belief that going over sixteen (16) up to eighteen (18) is optional. It is not a voluntary waiver. However, if you are required to remain on duty over sixteen (16) hours in actual operations, you shall receive pay for the duty period at a rate of two hundred percent (200%), including premiums, and credit at one hundred percent (100%)

Section 10 J- Rescheduling

This entire section outlines the procedures that Systems scheduling should be following when a reschedule occurs.  Many Flight Attendants believe they cannot be rescheduled once they start a pairing. The Company has the ability to reschedule any crew or Flight Attendant at any time in order to protect the operation. Crews are being rescheduled more than we have ever seen before. Please familiarize yourself with all of Section 10. J.  If you believe you have been rescheduled outside of the language found in 10. J, please reach out to your local base representatives.

APFA 1Q 2017 Executive Committee Meeting

The first quarter APFA Executive Meeting will take place next week in the ‘Unity Pays’ Room at APFA Headquarters in Euless, TX. The meeting will begin at 9:00am on Thursday, May 18th. All members in good standing are welcome.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

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