5.15.17 – June Bidsheet Briefing

Monday, May 15, 2017

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June Bid Sheet Briefing
Hello Miami! This is your bid sheet and reserve brief for June.

Here are Miami’s preliminary manning numbers for June, with May numbers for comparison:

The co-terminal and satellite job numbers for May are:

PBI 36; -4
FLL 76; +12
ATL 30; +9

The percentage of trips per calendar day is:

1 day      2 day      3 day     4day
 21%        21%        49%       10%

We are pleased that the reserve percentage has not been increased.

We do have a marked increase in three and four day trips for June. We requested an explanation from a manager in the allocations department, as we continuously ask for more turns and two day trips. Here is his answer…

Both system wide and in MIA in particular, there is a significant decrease in turns and a significant increase in 3-4 day sequences. There are some aspects of the June peak summer schedule that are very different from the past few months (e.g., traditionally red-eye turns for DFW and ORD that could not be built, and a large increase in red-eye flying). The impact of those additional overnights and calendar days rippled across the system into more three day sequences.”

To address this for July, we will work to rebuild red-eye turns where possible and explore options for building red-eyes into shorter multi-day sequences (which should help on a system level), and we will increase penalties on the various trip length constraints for MIA (which should help MIA specifically).”

It’s not a fix for June, but our regional manager is helping us with it.

Until next time, fly safely!

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