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5.18.17 – (LUS) – New Operational Phone Numbers/June ’17 PBS Bid Award Summary/LUS Vacation Extension (VEX) Requests for July 2017

APFA Special Hotline

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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  • New Operational Phone Number Beginning May 23, 2017 – LUS
  • June 2017 PBS Bid Award Summary – LUS
  • Vacation Extension (VEX) Requests for July 2017 – LUS


New Operational Phone Number Coming May 23, 2017 – LUS
The Company has announced that they will be aligning phone systems for LUS Flight Attendants, Pilots, and Crew Scheduling beginning May 23, 2017. The new number, 800.872.7456 will be used for:

  • Operational alerts
  • System bid charter info
  • Base operations: Crew Service Center, Duty Managers, FSMs, etc…
  • Trip coverage update
  • FMLA, LOAs, IODs

Crew Scheduling can still be reached at 800.327.0117. This number can also be used for:

  • Standby duty (OPR)
  • Crew tracking (Systems)
  • Pay information
  • Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) – PBS help
  • Flight Attendant Service Center (FASC) – Inflight admin: FMLA, LOAs, IODs

Note: FMLA, LOA and IOD assistance can be accessed at both numbers

June 2017 PBS Bid Award Summary – LUS

The June 2017 PBS Bid is available for viewing in the Crew Portal via the PBS Award tab. Any Flight Attendant who has a question about his/her award or believes he/she may have received a mis-award should notify the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) at (480) 693-8232 (to be discontinued as of May 23rd, 2017) or 800-327-0117, option 2, 8.

Below, you will find the June 2017 PBS Award Summary for CLT, DCA, PHL and PHX along with a few definitions for some of the key terms to help you better understand the award summary chart:

1. Shadow Bid/Pay Purpose Only Bid – Crew Scheduling shall run PPO bids during the regular PBS award process. PPO bids are run with the same bids and settings as the regular bid with the addition of the bids (standing or actual) of any Flight Attendant, including Flight Attendants on a Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA), who is off the entire bid period to determine what she/he could have held for shadow bid/pay purposes only. Such PPO awards shall only be used for this pay determination and shall not change in any way pairing/sequence awards as published in the final line awards.
2. “Line of Time” shall mean a monthly unit of Flight Attendant flying containing a minimum of seventy (70) credit hours and a maximum of ninety (90) credit hours per bid period. The Company may flex the maximum line value by an annual amount of twenty-five (25) hours, but in no case more than five (5) hours during any given month. As an exception, a Flight Attendant may indicate a bid choice which may allow the bid award to exceed the bounds specified by bidding a High or Low bidding option. 

3. The Company may set a targeted line average between seventy-five (75) and eighty-five (85) hours. In months the Company flexes the maximum to ninety-five (95) hours, the targeted line average may be set to no more than eighty-eight (88) hours. The targeted line average is a global parameter which will be respected while awarding Flight Attendant sequences pursuant to her/his seniority.

4. Low Lines Option – For the June 2017 Award, lines constructed in accordance with this bid option shall be constructed to no less than forty (40.00) hours, and no more than 69.59 credit hours.
5. High Lines Option – For the June 2017 Award, lines constructed in accordance with this bid option shall be constructed to no more than one hundred and ten (110.00) hours and no less than 90.01 hours.
6. Flight Attendants who select the Low Option during a given bid month and also hold at least seven (7) days or more of vacation during that month, shall be given priority to achieve a PBS result below the minimum line value ahead of other Flight Attendants who may be more senior but do not hold vacation.

Vacation Extension (VEX) Requests for July 2017 – LUS

• Opens – May 19
• Closes – May 31

Submit via VEX Form on Wings – Flight Service – Lines & Pairings (Bidding) page

A Flight Attendant who is scheduled for a continuous vacation block of at least seven (7) days, may elect to place up to a total of four (4) days off BEFORE or AFTER, or SPLIT on either side of such vacation. The days off will act as a pre-planned absence and will carry NO pay or credit. Such days off will be counted toward the Reserve’s scheduled Golden Days. Such block of four (4) days, or portion thereof, may be extended into the next bid period.

 Vacation Extension Timeline, Rules and Useful Tips



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