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5.19.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Keep Wall Street Petition Going/EAP Professional Standards/Retirement Seminars

APFA Special Hotline

Friday, May 19, 2017

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  • Wall Street Petition – LAA/LUS
  • Professional Standards LAA/LUS
  • Retirement Seminars Next Week – LAA/LUS

Keep The Wall Street Petition Going LAA/LUS 

Last week’s petition against Wall Street has garnered close to 1,000 signatures from Flight Attendants who want to set the record straight with some analysts’ claims that Flight Attendants don’t deserve raises and shareholders are getting leftovers. Since then, airline stocks have rebounded. Investors like Warren Buffet seem to see the larger picture: Reinvesting in front line employees is an investment in the potential for long-term gains. Keep the pressure on and sign the petition today:


APFA EAP and Professional Standards LAA/LUS
Think Twice Before “Going to the Office”

Have you ever found yourself in a position with a colleague or fellow crew member where you question their behavior or professional judgement?  We were all hired with the expectation that we are capable of independent problem solving in an unsupervised environment and, for the most part, we do an amazing job of resolving personal or professional conflicts that arise from time to time in the high stress environment in which we work. However, there are times when a situation becomes unmanageable due to circumstances that do not lend themselves to resolution through direct, personal interaction. 

APFA encourages the use of Professional Standards when a member is experiencing a concern or a conflict with a co-worker. Professional Standards provides members with an informal and confidential process to disclose and effectively resolve problems. We encourage our members and within our other union groups to utilize Professional Standards rather than engage the formal involvement of the Company which can lead to disciplinary action to one or even both parties involved in on the job disputes. The program offers an opportunity for involved parties to maintain control over the outcome of a conflict and is an alternative to Management and Supervisory discipline.

Types of concerns handled:

  • Personality differences
  • Differences in communication style
  • Conflicting work and/or personal habits
  • Unprofessional workplace behavior (including off aircraft in and out of uniform on a layover)
  • Trip trade and drop agreements as per protocol

Types of concerns not handled:

  • Issues actively being addressed by the Company, or Federal Regulations
  • Training or skills deficiencies
  • Contractual issues
  • APFA internal political matters

Professional Standards Representatives are trained to provide you with timely, confidential support and APFA highly suggests taking advantage of this valuable resource before resorting to Management-involvement or public shaming of your coworkers on social media.

Professional Standards does not take sides, and we do not circle back to share punitive action. We strive for workability in our process as it is understood it will be handled. We do ask the caller to keep us posted on their issue if it is not resolved.

Your local base Professional Standards Representative contact information can be found on the APFA website as well as more detailed information on the APFA Professional Standards Department.

Abby Alconcher
APFA National EAP Specialist

Retirement Seminars Next Week at MIA & ORD LAA/LUS

Chicago – Thursday, May 25th  
Flight Service Conference Room in K19 Operations
1000-1300 LBT.
Miami – Friday, May 26th  
Flight Service Conference Room in the
Main Operations area in Concourse D
1000-1300 LBT. 

These informative seminars cover a wide range of topics including retiree travel benefits, 401(k), pensions, COBRA insurance and Medicare.

Legacy AA Flight Attendants can print a copy of their pension estimate from the Pension Service Center link in Jetnet, or request a copy by calling (800)447-2000.  

Legacy US Flight Attendants can request an estimate either by calling the PBGC at (800)400-7242 or visiting 

All members are welcome to attend, regardless of base or seniority.  It’s never too early to start planning for retirement!

Ron Harris
APFA National Retirement Specialist



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