Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

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Pittsburgh Airport Security Changes

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Pittsburgh International today becomes first airport in country to ease post-9/11 restrictions – 9.05.17

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Allowing non-flyers to shop at the airport? Flight attendants union blasts plan – 9.01.17

Forbes – American Airlines Flight Attendants Blast Pittsburgh Airport Plan To Allow Non-Passengers Entry 9.01.17

Los Angeles Time – Flight attendants protest plan to let non-fliers into the Pittsburgh airport to shop – 9.01.17


Cabin Air Safety

Claims Journal – Passengers Warned of Toxic Fumes Onboard Airplanes – 8.09.17

Straits Times (Singapore) – Dirty socks or wet dog smell in the plane? It’s toxic, say airline workers – 8.09.17

Bloomberg – Bloomberg ‘Toxic Fume Events’ on Planes Worry Airline Workers – 8.09.17

The National – US Passengers Left Holding their Noses – 8.08.17

Runway Girl Network – Cabin Air Safety Act aimed at cleaning the air in the air – 8.07.17


Open Skies

Forbes – Lets not Throw a Wrench in An Economic Engine – 7.13.17

Bloomberg – American Airlines Calls Qatar Air CEO’s Remarks About Flight Attendants ‘Offensive’ – 7.11.17

MediaPost – American Perplexed by Qatar Airways Wanting to Fly with It – 6.23.17

Dallas News – ‘We find it puzzling’: American Airlines CEO on Qatar Airways’ Offer to Buy 10% Stake – 6.22.17

Fort Worth Star Telegram – Qatar Airways Wants to Buy 10% Stake in American Airlines – 6.22.17

Los Angeles Times – Qatar Airways Seeks 10% Stake in American Airlines Amid Middle East Dispute – 6.22.17

Dallas Business Journal – American Airlines CEO Bewildered by Qatar Airways’ Purchase Attempt – 6.22.17

TheStreet – American Airlines Union: This Bid Is an Act of ‘Aggression’ By Qatar Government – 6.22.17


Wall Street

Op-ed Airways Magazine- Ignorance is bliss for airlines and travelers – 5.15.17

Bob Ross Op-ed in Aviation Week – If Air Rage is Out of Control, Blame Management – 5.03.17

APFA Launches Media Campaign with Message for Wall Street – 5.12.17

Bob Ross Letter to Kevin Crissey – 5.12.17

Wall Street Petition – Is He Kidding?

Bob Ross Op-ed for Aviation Daily – If we let Wall Street Run the Airlines – 5.10.17



Dallas Observer – American Airlines Concedes on New Uniforms – 6.22.17

WBAP-AM – Dallas-Ft. Worth Amid employee complaints, American Airlines won’t renew uniform contract – 6.21.17

WBTV – Charlotte Amid employee complaints, American Airlines won’t renew uniform contract – 6.21.17

Democrat and Chronicle (USA Today Network) – American Airlines to seek new uniform maker after illness complaints – 6.21.17

Dallas Morning News – American Airlines seeking new uniform vendor after thousands of employee complaints – 6.21.17

Los Angeles Times – Facing Reports of Allergic Reactions to Uniforms, American Airlines will Look for a New Manufacturer – 6.21.17

Travel Pulse – American Won’t Renew Controversial Uniforms Contract – 6.21.17

Dallas News – American Airlines Seeking New Uniform Vendor After Thousands of Employee Complaints – 6.21.17



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