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6.01.17 – Removal for Weight and Balance on LUS Metal, Section 16 Deadheading, Lip Sync Revue

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Removed for Weight and Balance on LUS Metal?

The flights are full and the weather is foul. If you are a commuter, please plan accordingly. If you are traveling on LUS metal commuting to work and are denied the jump seat for weight and balance, you must report that to Daily Ops within thirty minutes. Please contact your base reps immediately.

The weight and balance settlement agreement provides the option to deadhead you into position to pick up your trip, or if that is not practical, to remove you with pay. The agreement does not say that you have to continue to standby for all remaining flights.

We have run into a problem with International departures from Europe and the Flight Attendant was unable to reach anyone in Daily Ops or Scheduling after being removed for weight and balance, most likely due to the time zone difference and not having the ability to make a call from Europe. You need to figure out a way to make that call and get through to someone. If you cannot get through, I would recommend an immediate email to your FSM and your Union Reps.


It is safe to say we have seen more reschedules in the last year than we have seen in our entire careers. Our rescheduling language has not changed; this is the same language we have been working under for decades.  

Please refer to ALL of Section 10.J. of the 2013 LUS Redbook Agreement; it can be found in your tablet if you do not have a hard copy. Yes, you may be rescheduled, however scheduling must follow the language.

If you are being rescheduled and you believe it is an illegal reschedule, please be sure you write down the date, time, and name of the scheduler, and notify your Base Reps immediately.

It has also been brought to our attention that some Reserve Flight Attendants believe they do not have to answer their phone when they are on a trip for the purpose of a reschedule. 

Section 10.J.1.c states that a Reserve on an ETB trip will be considered a Lineholder. Section 10.J.5 states that once a Reserve reports for a pairing, all provisions that apply to a Lineholder shall apply to a reserve. Section 10.J defines how Flight Attendants can be rescheduled. If you are on a trip, you are not required to answer your phone; however if the Company needs to reschedule you to protect the operation, they can and will call you. This language applies to all Flight Attendants regardless of bidding status.

Section 10.U.5 states the “A” Flight Attendant will be responsible for communicating with Crew Scheduling.  In no event shall a Flight Attendant accept a change in itinerary from anyone other than Crew Scheduling, an InFlight Manager or the Captain. That said, the “A” Flight Attendant is not responsible to track down each crewmember to advise of a reschedule. Scheduling is to call each crewmember, unless the crew is together.

Section 16 Deadheading

Section 16.1 & 2 outlines the process for Lineholders and Reserves who are scheduled to deadhead on the last leg of her/his pairing and do not want to take the deadhead. Please read these sections to familiarize yourself with your responsibility.

Your base reps are always available to assist you with your rescheduling and contract questions.


The WINGS Foundation will be holding their fund raising LIP SYNC REVUE in Philadelphia this summer. We are very excited to be the host city for this spectacular event. We hope you can come out and join in the fun and help raise awareness and money for the WINGS Foundation to help our Flight Attendants in need.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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