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6.09.17 – Office Hours, BCR Meeting, Monthly Allocations Call, Security Update for CDG Flights, Hot Cabin Proceedures

Friday, June 9, 2017

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Hey DFW,

The APFA office at Terminal A has been open since June 1st. We have had a lot of traffic in and out of the office this past week. It has been great meeting new faces and helping Flight Attendants. Please feel free to stop by with your questions and concerns.

Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0900 – 1700

Tuesday and Thursday 1000 – 1800

Saturday and Sunday 1300 – 1600


I, along with the DFW Team, had our first Base Council Representative (BCR) Meeting at APFA Headquarters on Wednesday. Over 20 BCRs attended. The meeting was very productive. We are planning another meeting in early August.


DFW had our monthly allocations call that included members of our DFW Bidsheet Committee, Laura Hansen, Coleen Fussell and Miro Stein.

DFW Manning Information:

Headcount (FAs available) for July 2017: 5,453

Bid jobs for the combined operation: 4,037

Open Replacement (Availability) lines planned for July: 107 

Vacation Relief lines projected: 296

At this time, no bid leaves are planned. Manning will send an email if leaves will be available.

No transfers were granted for July, however, 100 mutual laterals were posted.

18.7% (828) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve. The system-wide average is 18.8%. This reserve percentage is based on statistical data from July 2016, which includes the number of Critical Coverage trips awarded at DFW. The DFW Team argued that manning should NOT base reserve numbers on last year’s critical coverage events.

Reserve numbers are also increased for the 4th of July holiday. Manning will review reserve percentages and the APFA National Scheduling Chair will investigate reserve numbers.

DFW line average for July:  81.3%

Allocations Information: 

DFW will have Flex Flying (Late Night Bank) on Sunday July 9, 16, 23 and 30

777 will operate HNL (Flt-123/5) and OGG (Flt-7/6)

The DFW team requested more turns and two days trips. NIPD turns increased for July.

The DFW Bidsheet Committee identified sequences that needed to be modified and requested that 3-day trips working 4-leg days be broken up into 2-day trips. The Company denied these requests as it would add too much pay and credit to the sequences.


Effective June 10th, airport security at CDG will begin enforcing the requirement that crews place all liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) under 100ml (3.4oz) in one 3/1/1 liquid compliance bag.

LAGs over 100ml can still be carried onboard so long as they are individually screened with liquid explosive detection equipment.

Keep in mind that if you do not meet the LAG requirements during the initial screening process, you will be sent to secondary screening where everything in your bags will be subjected to screening.


With the hot summer months upon us, Flight Attendants will soon be dealing with hot cabins. The DFW Team met with Matt Eggers, Managing Director of HCC. The Team, along with Flight Service, reviewed the DFW Hot Cabin Avoidance Procedures  for 2017.

The New Procedures have been added to the DFW Base Page and can be accessed by following the pdf link below:

NOTE: Each Agent is trained to enter the Hot Aircraft and read the temperature in the FWD, Middle and AFT of the aircraft since we all know that the aft portion of the aircraft is ALWAYS hotter than the front.

Fly Safe.

In Unity,
Maureen, Chris, and your DFW APFA Team


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