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7.07.17 – Base Highlights, Allocations Info, Bid Line Construction Guidelines

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Hello DFW,  

The DFW Bid Sheet Team had their August 2017 Allocations Call on July 6, 2017.

Here are the Highlights:

  • 5437 DFW headcount for August
  • 3989 DFW bid jobs combined operation
  • 35 Open Replacement are planned for August (Availability)
  • 374 Vacation Relief Lines are projected
  • At this time, no bid leaves are planned. Manning will send an email if leaves become available
  • 18% of Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve. The system wide average is 18.5%.  (The reserve percentage is based on statistical data from August 2016. According to manning, DFW had a high amount of Critical Coverage events in August which resulted in the base performing poorly)
  • No transfers were granted for August
  • All new hire classes have graduated and reported to base
  • Target Line Average will be 80.7


  • DFW requested more turns and two-day trips.
  • Trips will be top heavy due to schedule change on 8/22 which has a ramp down in flying with many seasonal flights no longer operating.
  • KOA, OGG and HNL will be affected by the schedule change.
  • DFW will have one extra NRT sequence on 8/21 with crew deadheading to NRT and working Flt 122 back to DFW.  
  • All 777 Planes in HKG for maintenance will return back to the USA by the end of August.
  • 4FA Solution (Meaning all aircraft with minimum 4 FAs) August Trip Percentages: 38.2% Turns, 14.5% 2-days, 45% 3-days, and 2.4% 4-days
  • 3FA Solution (Meaning all aircraft with minimum 3 FAs) August Trip Percentages: 3.5% Turns, 15.2% 2-days, 80% 3-days

DFW Bid Line Construction Guidelines for August 2017:

  • Establish Cadence: Three on Four off is most desirable. Three on three off is required at a minimum so Flight Attendants can pick up trips on days off for extra pay. The goal is to have multiple days off in a row.
  • Turns not to be used as filler. Turns are to be paired with similar time value. Pure turns lines are favorable. The goal is to have pure lines consisting of all turns.
  • International turns are to be paired together NOT used as filler.
  • Consistency of sign-ins and arrival times.
  • Keep trip types paired together- turns with turns, two-days with two-days, etc…
  • Equipment types paired together- established all 737 flying together and airbus flying together.
  • Keep all-night flying paired together.
  • Domestic WBD two-days back to back if possible.
  • Limited amount of lines working five days in a row-two-day trips followed by three-day trips or vice versa.
  • No lines built with 20+ working days.
  • GRU and SCL four on-four off.
  • HNL, OGG and KOA lines as pure as possible.
  • LHR three on-four off. 

We hope to see you at the DFW Base Meeting at the Yandry Center on Monday, July 10th at 10am-2pm.

In Unity,

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