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8.05.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Reserve Shortages at LUS Bases

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Currently, CLT, PHL and PHX are running with little to no reserve coverage. There are a few extra reserves at DCA-U. APFA was notified that Crew Scheduling/Tracking is following Red Book Section 12.M. Priority of Assignment language for assignment of trips.

This order of assignment is as follows:

The intent of this section is to provide an orderly process for covering
all pairings and OPR shifts which remain open after future or daily
processing. The priority of assignment will be as follows:

1. Out-of-base Reserves, in accordance with inverse seniority,
avoiding conflicts with Golden Days and vacation days and, when
possible, with Moveable Days. An out-of-base Reserve so
assigned may choose which pairing she/he will be assigned if more
than one pairing remains open at the time of assignment.

2. A Reserve on a RAP who was previously assigned a pairing by
Daily may be reassigned according to Paragraph K.2.f., of this
Section and Paragraph J.4., and 5., Section 10, Scheduling

a. Reserves will be assigned in the following manner:

i. Awarding the earliest departure to the least senior Reserve
whose previously assigned pairing reports at 1200 or later
and who is available to fly the pairing in its entirety, or

ii. If no Reserve is available to take the pairing in its entirety
without creating a conflict with her/his Moveable Days,
the pairing will be assigned in inverse seniority order such
that disruption of Moveable Days is minimized.

b. A Previously Assigned Unreleased Available for Duty
Reserve who previously volunteered to take an assignment on
AVL days that continues into her/his MD or GD shall not be
reassigned unless there are no other Reserves available to take
such a trip, but in no case will she/he be reassigned into
her/his GD(s).

c. A Reserve who voluntarily makes herself/himself available on
days free from duty (MD and or GD) to Future or Daily
Scheduling for a pairing that originates on a MD or GD shall
not be reassigned.

d. A Reserve who is awarded or assigned a different pairing(s) of
a lesser value shall be pay protected to the published value of
such originally awarded or assigned pairing. To be eligible for
such pay protection, such Reserve must remain available for
duty for all of the duty periods covered by the originally
awarded or assigned pairing.

3. At the option of Crew Scheduling, to legal and available inbound

4. A Reserve on a Moveable Day in inverse seniority order.

5. An available Co-Fly participant holding a seniority number on the
System Seniority List, if any, provided that Co-Fly participants
may only be assigned to cover an FAA mandated position.

6. A Lineholder on days off in inverse seniority order. The following
limitations, in addition to those in Section 11, Hours of Service
shall, apply:

a. A Lineholder shall not be involuntarily assigned while on
vacation or on groupings of days off that touch a vacation

b. A Lineholder shall not be involuntarily assigned more than
twice per bid period.

c. Crew Scheduling shall only use a Lineholder’s contact
numbers when calling to make an involuntary assignment.

d. If the involuntary assignment causes the Flight Attendant’s
line to be projected over her/his ISAP bidding credit window
and there is not a trip(s) or segment(s) occurring after the
involuntary assignment which could be dropped to bring
her/his line projection into the ISAP bidding credit window,
the Flight Attendant may refuse the involuntary assignment.

A Flight Attendant who is involuntarily assigned a trip will
have the option of flying her/his pairing(s) later in the month
and exceeding the ISAP bidding credit window, splitting a
later pairing of the Flight Attendant’s choice off at a point at
or below the monthly maximum pursuant to 10.M.1.and M.2.,
or dropping a later trip of the Flight Attendant’s choice. 

It is recommended that all Flight Attendants based at LUS bases be familiar with the Red Book language in the following Sections:
            Section 10 – Scheduling
            Section 11 – Hours of Service
            Section 12 – Reserve Duty

Please reach out to your Local Base Leadership if you experience any scheduling irregularities.

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair


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