8.10.17 – DFW Allocations Information for September 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

DFW Allocations Call for the September 2017 Bid Month

On Monday, I, along with Laura Hansen, Coleen Fussell and Miro Stein participated on the monthly Allocation Call.

Here are the highlights gathered from that call:


  • DFW Headcount for September is 5434.
  • DFW Bid jobs for combined operation is 3789.
  • Loss of 200 Bid jobs from August due to the pull down of seasonal flying.  
  • 38 Open replacement (Availability) lines are planned.
  • 701 Vacation relief lines are projected. (High vacation month).
  • 612 (13.8%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve Reserve. This is a decrease of 4.2% from August. The system-wide average is 14.7%
  • Target line average for September is 81 hours.
  • No bid leaves are planned for now. An Email will be sent to bases to advise if bid leaves do become available.


  • Limited schedule changes in September should result in better bid line cadence.
  • The pull down in seasonal flying will result in less NIPD turns.  
  • KOA has been eliminated and OGG will not operate on Tuesdays. 
  • For the month of September UIO will be a multiday trip with a long layover.  
  • AMS and FCO will operate until September 30, with FAs working to AMS and FCO and DHD back to base via CLT and PHL.
  • High time domestic turns have increased for September. The Base continues to ask allocations for more high time turns and high time two-day trips.

APFA continues to voice its displeasure at the number of trips that work excessive legs for minimal pay.  We have been clear that trips consisting of 8 to 10 legs for fifteen credit hours is UNACCEPTABLE.

DFW leadership will be sitting in with the allocations team as they build our bid lines for September. We always provide them a with list of bid sheet construction guidelines. Our goal is to assist the team in implementing these guidelines on a consistent basis.

In Unity,

Maureen Walsh-Martin
DFW Base President

Chris O’Kelley
DFW Base Vice President

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