8.24.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Hurricane Harvey to Impact Southern Texas

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey to Impact Southern Texas – LAA/LUS

Currently Hurricane Harvey is forecast to make landfall 30 miles north/northeast of Corpus Christi (CRP) on Friday night as a category 3 hurricane. Widespread flooding is expected in southern Texas over the next several days which could impact the operation.

APFA reached out to the Company today for information on how they are preparing for the storm. They have assured us that there will be extra staffing on both Friday and Saturday to deal with any issues that may arise. 

Extra hotel rooms are being secured at AUS, SAT and IAH and long layover hotels may be switched to short layovers to help mitigate transportation issues.  

Flight Service Daily Operations at IOC can help if you have an emergency:
1-682-315-7070 or 1-888-222-4737

APFA’s Scheduling Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 0900 until 1700 CT should you need assistance, by calling (817) 540-0108.

After Hours Live Chat is available on the APFA Website  Monday through Friday from 1700 until 2300 CT and Weekends from 0900 until 1700 CT. Live Chat hours may be extended as conditions warrant.

Be familiar with your contract and always remember that your safety is the number one priority:


The LAA On-Duty Contract Guide is an important resource for LAA Flight Attendants during Irregular Operations (IROPS)/Off-Schedule Operations (OSO). Also, please refer to your tablet or the APFA Website for Interim Pay Protection (IPP) procedures.


LUS Flight Attendants should be familiar with Sections 1011, and 12 of the 2013 Red Book Agreement during Irregular Operations. Also, please be aware of the Inclement Weather Policy:

Prior to a predicted severe weather event, Flight Attendants should make every effort to plan ahead and determine the best method for getting to work. Should the Flight Attendant be unable to drive to work due to hazardous road conditions, he/she will notify Crew Scheduling and a Personal Day will be noted on the Flight Attendant’s record. The Flight Attendant is then required to contact his/her Flight Service Manager to advise of the Personal Day. If the day was determined to be a qualifying severe disruption day at the base, the Flight Service Manager will change the day from Personal to Unable to Commute and a notation as to the reason for the Unable to Commute will be made.
Please Note: Failure to contact the Flight Service Manager prior to the last day of the month will result in the Personal Day remaining on the Flight Attendant’s record.

LUS On-Duty Contract Guide
Please be alert to changing conditions and stay safe!


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