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9.11.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Critical Joint Update from American, APA and APFA

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Monday, September 11, 2017

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Critical Joint Update from American, APA and APFA

Dear colleagues,

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to our colleagues affected by Hurricane Irma, which will be remembered as one of the most destructive storms in history. Our focus and primary concern is the safety, security, and well-being of our coworkers.

We are committed to doing our part to assist the thousands of teammates and their families who call Florida home. We are in the process of contacting all team members with a Florida address on file to ensure their well-being and offer assistance during this incredibly difficult time. Information about how you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma is posted on Jetnet and the APA / APFA websites.

Our airline is a pivotal part of the national transportation system. In the coming days, we will play a vital role helping fellow employees, customers and communities recover from this catastrophic event. We are in the early stages of assessing the impact of crews and airplanes out of place systemwide. Restarting service is an incredibly complex endeavor and will take all of our best efforts.

Many of our colleagues who live in Florida may be unable to come to work due to various storm-related issues. As you can imagine, canceling thousands of flights and shutting down one of our largest and most important hubs for several days is an extremely disruptive event; one that has caused ripple effects throughout our network. The IOC team is working around the clock to repair the operation as quickly and safely as possible.

We expect to restore our MIA operation over the next several days in a phased approach. An accurate understanding of team member availability and the manner in which we can assist those affected by the hurricane will help us restart our Florida operation as smoothly as possible. As you can well imagine, Crew Scheduling’s workload will be at max capacity. Anything that we can do to help reduce the tremendous call volume will greatly aid the airline’s ability to serve you and our customers.

Do you need assistance?
If you have been affected by Irma and are unable to make your assignment, please let us know as far in advance as possible. Your Chief Pilots, Flight Service Managers and Crew Schedulers stand ready to help and support you and your loved ones.

Would you like to help?
Crew Scheduling is prepared to use all necessary tools at its disposal, including positive space travel, in order to get crewmembers in place to restore the operation.

All pilots:
• Premium, (regular and reserve pilots) and OG (reserves volunteering to fly on DFPs over guarantee) will be used extensively during hurricane recovery efforts. If you are in a position where you can help restore our operation, please ensure your name is on the Premium, (regular and reserve pilots), OG and Pick-Up lists, as appropriate.

• Accurate call lists will help reduce the volume of unproductive calls and accelerate our ability to determine if we have sufficient resources to support recovery efforts. Please consider updating your voluntary flying preferences on a daily basis during this recovery period.

• If you find yourself unable to work, it would be very helpful if you would remove yourself from all lists.

All Legacy American flight attendants:
• If you haven’t been affected by the hurricane and would like to pitch in, you can help by adding your name to the Make-Up List or Limited Option 2 (L2).

• Critical coverage will be paid to Miami-based flight attendants who pick up open sequences between Sep. 12-14, 2017. If you are Miami based, in order to pick-up flying between Sep. 12-14, all you need to do is add your name to the Make-Up or L2 list. To expedite the filling of open trips, all trips proffered during the normal Make-Up flying process will be paid Critical Coverage pay for MIA-based flight attendants. Note: Sequences you pick-up may not reflect as Critical Coverage (CC) on your HI1. We will capture anyone who picks up trips later in the month and ensure you’re paid the correct rate.

• For non MIA-based flight attendants, Crew Scheduling will follow the normal order of proffering open trips: 1) Make-Up, 2) Option 2, 3) Limited Option 2, then 4) Critical Coverage.  Any non-Miami based flight attendant who picks up a transferred MIA-based sequence between Sep 12-14 will be paid critical coverage.

• If you find yourself unable to work, it would be very helpful if you would remove yourself from all lists.

All Legacy US Airways flight attendants:
• If you haven’t been affected by Hurricane Irma and would like to pitch in, you can help by adding your name to ISAP or the unsuccessful bidders’ list (UBL).

• On reserve? You can change your status to “aggressive.”

• If you find yourself unable to work, it would be very helpful if you would remove yourself from all lists.

If you have volunteered for any of the above options, please attempt to answer all calls from Crew Scheduling or return calls as promptly as possible. Your patience, flexibility, and understanding during this critical recovery time is most appreciated.

Americans have a long and proud history of pulling together during extraordinarily challenging times – and the American Airlines family is no different. The professional crewmembers who safely transport our passenger’s day-in and day-out have always risen to the challenge during national emergencies. As we continue to work together to take care of our team, we are inspired by the spirit and compassion for others you display every day and offer our sincere thanks for your hard work and consummate professionalism.

With our deepest respect,

Dan Carey                 Kimball Stone            Bob Ross                     Jill Surdek
President, APA           VP, Flight                   President, APFA           VP, Flight Service


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