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9.25.17 – Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Crew Rest Bunks, SIDA Access, Water Bottles,Early Boarding

Monday, September 25, 2017

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Hello DFW,
It has been a busy month: Between Harvey, Irma, Maria and the earthquakes in Mexico, the DFW Team has been very busy.

If there is anyone in need of help, please reach out to your local resources:
The Wings Foundation

Or call your local EAP office:

Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida and the Caribbean.
The DFW Team believes we have taken care of all but a couple of scheduling pay claims and complaints due to the hurricanes.

If you have an outstanding pay claim that has not been addressed, please call one of the DFW Team APFA Representatives.
Before the hurricanes and earthquakes, the DFW Team was working on several complaints and issues facing DFW Flight Attendants:
Position # 4 on the 777-200 2 Class (IPD flights)

I, along with Chuck Ransdale, the APFA National Contract Chair, have had meetings with the Company to address the future of the position 4. 

777-200 Crew Rest Bunks 

On some aircraft, the bunks have been reconfigured to the point that a Flight Attendant needs to be a contortionist just to get into the top bunk. We have raised this concern with the Company and they are currently working on a fix. 

Domestic 777-200 Equipment Substitution 

We are in discussions with the Company to gain clarification on duty and service assignments when there is an equipment substitution from 777-200 (2-Class) to 777-200(3-class). 

Catering on the 777-200 2 Class Flights to Hawaii. 

Your reports have not gone unheard. We are currently working to resolve catering issues on this aircraft. 

Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Access

We have recently received many reports about SIDA access. Here are the current SIDA access rules:

  • Portals are monitored by video cameras at all times.
  • Use of employee portals for the purpose of boarding the aircraft for travel is prohibited except for on duty flight crew who are in uniform and assigned to a flight departing DFW. 
  • Stand-by, non revving, and deadheading crewmembers are not authorized to use SIDA employee portals. This includes managers performing in-flight observations.
  • Employee portals may be used for company business that does not involve travel such as obtaining a bid sheet or speaking with a manager.
  • Use of employee portals to meet friends or family arriving/departing on a flight, or to dine on the secured side of the airport is prohibited.
  • SIDA violations can result in personal fines, the loss of your SIDA badge, as well as temporary loss of your KCM access.

Pre-placement of Water Bottles Prior to Takeoff

The DFW Team has received several questions about putting water bottles in F/C and B/C on IPD routes before take-off.

FAR 121.577 states in part: No certificate holder may move an airplane on the surface, take off, or land when any food, beverage, or tableware furnished by the certificate holder is located at any passenger seat.

Early Boarding Reports

We are still continuing to receive early boarding reports and we will continue to file Notice of Disputes (NODs).

Airport Parking

Bobby Bulham is working with the Airport Parking Board in an attempt to secure several upfront terminal parking spots for DFW based Flight Attendants. Additionally, we are working to secure discounts on upfront parking. As soon as we have something set in stone we will advise the base.

In Unity,

Maureen Walsh-Martin
Chris O’Kelley
And your DFW Team


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