9.29.17 – (LAA/LUS) – DOL Case/2018 Benefits Enrollment/Major Challenge to Public Sector Unions/Fall BOD Meeting/Retirement Seminars/Uniform Reaction Count

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APFA Special Hotline

Friday, September 29, 2017

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  • Final Judgement in DOL Case – LAA/LUS
  • 2018 Benefits Enrollment Guide Now Online – LAA/LUS
  • Supreme Court to Hear Major Challenge to Public Sector Unions – LAA/LUS
  • APFA Fall Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting – LAA/LUS
  • Upcoming Retirement Seminars – LAA/LUS
  • Uniform Reaction Report Update – LAA/LUS


Final Judgement in DOL Case – LAA/LUS

As reported in Wednesday’s Special Hotline, the court has ruled in favor of the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) position on electronic balloting, thereby directing that there be a re-run election for APFA National Officers under the DOL’s supervision.

The Memorandum Opinion and Order as well as the Final Judgement in the case is now posted on the 2016 DOL Case Resource Section on the APFA website. 

More information on the DOL case as well as the timing and process of a re-run election will be forthcoming in a special hotline as we learn more about the court ordered election.

2018 Benefits Enrollment Guide Now Online – LAA/LUS

The Annual Benefits Enrollment Period for AA employees will begin on October 16th  and run through October 27, 2017.
In addition to the enrollment packet sent via regular mail, the Company has launched the Benefits Enrollment Guide online. You can access it along with informational videos on next year’s plans by going to www.my.aa.com/annual-enrollment/. Here you can also find dates and locations for Company Roadshows.
Please take the time to review the Plan Options to determine which plans are best suited for you. 

Please note that if you have more than one address on file with the Company, all benefit related material will be sent to the alternate mailing address. 

LAA Flight Attendants can update their address and other pertinent information via Jetnet.

LUS Flight Attendants should access myHR from Wings and click on the following link: 

If you have recently moved and need to update your address with APFA, you can submit an Update Your Info Form on the APFA website.

Kim Coats Tuck
APFA Interim National Health Chair

Supreme Court to Hear Major Challenge to Public Sector Unions – LAA/LUS

In a move that sent chills through the labor movement yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case concerning the collection of mandatory union dues from public sector employees. This is a replay of a case from two years ago when the Court deadlocked (4-4) on a similar case originating from California. The case revolves around whether individuals can be forced to pay fees/dues to unions against their will. 


In the 22 remaining non-Right to Work states, all workers in the union shop must pay to cover the cost of contract negotiations, grievance representation, etc. The underlying concept is that even if a worker does not support the union, the individual benefits from its activities—in short, no “free riders.”

This court case, if successful, would allow workers to refuse to pay all dues/fees to the union yet still benefit from the union’s overall representation.

While this specific case would affect only about 5 million public employees (teachers, police, firefighters etc.), there is a clear threat that, if successful, a similar challenge to private sector unions would soon be brought forward.

President Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch (the anti-union swing vote) to the Supreme Court is really just the most visible assault on unions to date. Make no mistake, the current Administration is virulently anti-union and anti-working man and woman. The recent confirmation of William Emanuel to the NLRB is just further evidence that we are facing the most challenging political times since the earliest days of unionism.

Emanuel joins the board with former experience as a management-side attorney. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) said of Emanuel that he is “a man who spent his entire career opposing workers efforts to join unions…”

More than ever, union members need to get involved in the political future of our country. This fall there are two important gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia. We will be focusing on both races in the coming weeks.

Allie Malis
APFA National Interim Government Affairs Representative 


APFA Fall Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting – LAA/LUS

The annual Fall APFA BOD Meeting will be held October 11th and 12th, 2017 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana Hotel. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Retirement Seminars – LAA/LUS

The APFA Retirement Department will be conducting several more base seminars prior to the end of the year:

These informative seminars cover a wide range of topics including: Pensions, 401(k), COBRA, Medicare, and Retiree Travel.

LAA Flight Attendants can pull a pension estimate by visiting the Pension Service Center in Jetnet.  

LUS Flight Attendants can request a pension estimate in the mail by calling the PBGC at (800)400-7242.

All members are invited to attend, regardless of base or seniority. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement!


Uniform Reaction Report Update – LAA/LUS

To date, there have been 4,025 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports. 

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.


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