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10.09.17 – Benefits Enrollment 2018

Monday, October 9, 2017

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Benefits Enrollment 2018

The annual Open Enrollment for 2018 benefits will run from 10/16/17 – 10/27/17. Plan ahead and visit in order to review your options and decide what is going to work best for you and your family. Information about benefits roadshows at the different bases can also be found there.

Calling in Sick/Well

Specific contract language can be found in the JCBA Section 9.D

COBRA Coverage After Retirement 

Are you considering retiring or leaving in 2018?
Important information can be found in last Friday’s Hotline.

CIRT Conference

The Annual CIRT Conference was held in September where CLT’s very own Adam St John presented advanced de-escalation training. Outstanding Job!!

Allocation Call Summary
Beth Carpenter and Marti McMillan participated on the November allocations call in Dallas this month. This conference call happens each month prior to the bids opening. We discuss sequence construction, line averages and manning for each base. We are able to offer input for consideration, as well as receive explanations for ‘how and why’ pairings are built.

We have discussed the possibility of reducing the Line Average and lowering the Reserve numbers every month. We encourage all of you to let us know the issues you encounter with specific pairings so we can present them while participating on the call.
We have consistently brought up the amount of sit time we see in the sequences. The explanation we received is we are not cross-trained on all A/C, and there are a number of Charlotte routes being flown on 737s, so we wind up with A/C changes and sit times. Once we reach FOI, this issue should be resolved.
We continue to address the increasing number of the 2# trips that we see in CLT. These are the 2-duty period/3 day trips (i.e. CLT-LGA-CLT-LAX. RON. LAX-CLT Redeye). We have explained that the first day is very long, and with the redeye segment, it pays very little for what is essentially a 3-day trip. We have presented the company with data showing the number of these trips in open time on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  Hopefully, we will see a reduction in the number of these trips being built.
We also addressed the 2-day trips that have 11-12-hour duty days followed by a 9-10 hour rest followed by a 7-8 hour duty day.  The parameter used by the company is to not construct the second duty day to exceed the amount of time of the previous rest period. I will be tracking the number of re-crews and delays on the second day due to insufficient rest. This will help provide data to support the need for longer rest.
We were finally able to have the company more accurately graph the type of trips being flown in each base by getting the ODANs placed into their own category. We have asked that the 2# trips also be placed in their own category, but they are unable to accommodate this request at this time.
We are hopeful most of our trip issues will be resolved once we are all cross-trained and able to have pairings constructed more consistently and efficiently. Please start reviewing Sections 10, 11, & 12 of the JCBA. Specifically, the changes that will directly impact our sequence construction and work rules. We will be working to keep everyone up to date with future Base Briefs.

APFA Fall BOD Meeting

The Annual APFA Fall Board of Directors Meeting (BOD) will be held this week on October 11 – 12 from 0900-1800. ALL members in good standing are urged to attend.  

Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana
1301 Solana Boulevard, Building 3
Westlake , Texas  76262

Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Education Event

We need your input on what topics and information you would like to see. Email Wanda your ideas at

Thanks for all you do and fly safe.

Wanda Sarnacki
APFA CLT Base President


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