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10.09.17 – Manning Information

Monday, October 9, 2017

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Hello DFW,

We had our November Allocations call on October 5, 2017


5374 DFW Headcount for November
3552 Bid jobs for DFW
106 Open Replacement lines are planned for November (Availability)
925 Vacation reliefs are projected. However, due to software limitations only 800 relief lines can be built. Relief lines will be built in seniority order according to length of vacation. Manning will send an email to FAs affected advising the FAs will not be listed in the relief selections of the Bid Sheet. Trips awarded to FAs without relief selections will be plotted on other relief schedules and availability.

Manning will send out an email regarding bid leave availability. Manning did state that due to the high number of vacations at DFW, bid leaves may not be available at the base. Interested FAs should submit a ballot as final Manning numbers are subject to change.

16.7% (673) FAs are planned to serve Reserve.  The system-wide average is 16.7. The DFW APFA Team argued that the base is usually BELOW the system-wide average. Manning stated that the statistical data supported the percentage and the amount of Reserve FAs on vacation caused the percentage increased.

Transfers were awarded to LAX and SFO. 25 FAs transferred out of DFW. The system-wide attrition rate is 34 FAs.

The target line average for DFW combined operation is 81.6 hours. The system-wide target line average is 81.1 hours.


The DFW Team requested more high time turns and high time two day trips.

November has many schedule changes and we also have Daylight Saving Time.

Thanksgiving Day has a slowdown then ramps up in schedule and flex flying on November 25th and 26th.

Combined Operations:

Turns-24.7%, 2D trips-11.8%, 3D trips 53.8%, 4D trips 8.4%

The number of four-day trips is higher due to international flying being reduced for the Thanksgiving holiday resulting in longer layovers.

4FA Solution:
Turns- 38.3%, 2D trips-13.9%, 3D trips-44.5%

3FA Solution:
Turns-13.4%, 2D trips-26.6%, 3 D trips 60%, 4D trips 0%

UIO and BOG will be multi-day trips. The current schedule has resulted in the trip being illegal for a turn sequence.

The DFW Bidsheet Team is working with allocations and network planning to ensure the trips remain high time and that we maintain high time turns.

All Mexico flying has been incorporated into NIPD flying schedule.

The DFW Bid Sheet Team is requesting to:

Establish Cadence
3 on 4 off is most desirable
3 on 3 off is required at a minimum to ensure FA’s can pick up trips on days off.
Our goal is to have multiple days off in a row.
Have international turns be paired together and not used as a filler.
Maintain consistency of sign-in and arrival times.
Keep trip types paired together.
Keep equipment types paired together.
Keep the much desirable all-nighter turns as pure as possible.

In Unity,

Maureen and Chris and your DFW Bidsheet Team.

Maureen Walsh-Martin

Chris O’kelley


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