10.23.17 – Summer 2018 Flying

Monday, October 23, 2017

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Summer 2018 Flying
Your Philadelphia Leadership is pleased to announce that for the Summer 2018 flying season we have entered into a temporary Letter of Agreement to add one (1) additional bid position to the remaining A-330 IPD pairings in PHL. The position will be available to bid in PBS (if vacated), ISAP, UBL, ROTA, ROTA daily, and OPR. As always, it can be traded on ETB. If for any reason the position is not covered, there would be no understaffing compensation.
When American Management made the announcement that GLA, SNN, and LIS will be flown from Philadelphia next summer using LAA metal, to say we were not happy is an understatement. We immediately began brainstorming for ways to replace this time and entered into several discussions with the Company to achieve a resolution. The challenge we faced is how to create flying time when the time is no longer there. We certainly didn’t want to see lower line averages and additional reserves due to the loss of this much time. In addition, we also had serious concerns about the possibilities of the other 3 LUS bases losing time to push into Philadelphia to supplement the flying. 
After extensive discussions with multiple concepts discussed, we felt this was the best possible temporary solution to bridge us to FOI when the PHL based Flight Attendants will regain our departures from Philadelphia in addition to any new flying. The Company also announced that they will add more flying into the PIT Satellite base during the summer of 2018. They are very pleased with how the satellite base flying has been going, and we do know how well PIT worked when it was a base.  
Please realize, we knew this may cause some heartburn at other bases, and by no means did anyone take that lightly while making this decision. However, the harm caused by pulling this much premium flying time from the PHL monthly bidding is a huge financial and quality of life hardship, and no one wants to see this happen at any other base.  
Having to watch 7 international departures push off the gate every day in our base knowing the Philadelphia Flight Attendants are not working those flights is going to be tough to swallow. However, we are professionals and we are strong. We will welcome our sisters and brothers from LAA and we will be here to assist them in any way we can as we work toward coming together as one.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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