11.07.17 – Executive Committee Meeting, Elevate WBT Training, PIT Satellite Trips

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

APFA Executive Committee Meeting

The 3rd Quarter Executive Committee Meeting will be held at APFA Headquarters on November 9th and 10th from 9am to 5pm. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Denied Jump Seat for Weight and Balance

If you are traveling for leisure or commuting to work on LUS metal and you are denied the jumpseat for weight and balance, you must call Daily Ops at 682-315-7070 within 30 minutes to advise them you have been denied the jumpseat. If you are commuting to work, the Company has the option of providing positive space to get you to your base in time for your trip, catching you up to the trip and splitting you on, or removing you with pay. Please remember you MUST call Daily Ops within 30 minutes.

Elevate WBT Training

The web based training for Elevate the Experience has been extended to January 31st, 2018 due to the initial IT technical glitches. If you experienced any problems or are currently having difficulties with the module, please let us know.

PIT Satellite Trips

Just a quick reminder about PIT Satellite trips: These trips are built with the dummy one minute deadhead on the first leg of the pairing (PHL to PIT) and the last leg of the pairing (PIT to PHL) in order for CATS to recognize these pairings as PHL based trips. Any PHL based Flight Attendant can bid and be awarded a Satellite trip in PBS. We have recently seen a few PIT trips assigned to non-PIT Flight Attendants because the trip fit their generic bid properties.

If you do a generic bid, you may add the property “avoid landing-PIT”, and this will pull out all pairings that land in PIT. Please keep in mind that this property will pull out all PIT landings in every pairing—even those pairings that are not satellite trips. Remember, the PIT pairings are listed on your PBS dashboard each month.

If you are awarded a Satellite trip and you did not bid it, you can expect a call from one of the Satellite Coordinators—Sarah Fischer or Rose Filipponi. The Company is not required to get you to and from PIT to fly these trips. Satellite trips cannot be put into ISAP, and they cannot be posted on the ETB for a drop or trade.

If you have any questions about the PIT Satellite or the trips, please reach out to the coordinators at pitflying@yahoo.com.

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