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11.10.17 – Manning Information, Allocations Call

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hello DFW,

We had our December allocation call on November 9, 2017:

Manning Information

  • 5360 DFW headcount for December 2017. This is a decrease of 32 Flight Attendants year over year.
  • 3802 DFW bid jobs for December. This is an increase of 250 bid jobs from November 2017.
  • Systemwide, LAA has seen an increase of 430 bid jobs year over year.
  • 29 Availability lines are planned.
  • 364 Vacation relief lines will be built.
  • Bid leaves (VLOA) may be available for the first two weeks of December.
  • 949 (23.2%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in December.
  • Target line average for DFW is 79.4. System line average 79.9.

The system-wide reserve percentage is 23.8%. Last year’s average was 21.1% (863) Flight Attendants. All bases expressed their opposition to such high reserve percentages and manning stated that statistical data supported such high numbers.

The bases also requested that more transparency regarding reserve utilization be provided to Flight Attendants on a monthly bases via email or HI6 messages.

Allocations Call:

Bid sheets are now being constructed with the newly implemented JCBA Company
Hours of Service. Schedule changes will once again play havoc with bid line cadence.

The holiday schedule change takes effect 12/15. Many seasonal flying destinations do
not operate the first two weeks of the month (KOA, LIH, and GIG are some of the more
exciting destinations.)

The impact of the schedule change may cause lines to be bottom heavy with compacted flying the last two weeks of the month. The base has requested that trip types remain paired together to the extent possible.

The result of the Holiday schedule also impacts layovers with many trips having
extended layovers and creating many lines on the domestic side with 30+ hour Layovers. Most of these trips operate after the 15th of the month. The base has requested that no lines be built that work over 18 days. Some of the long layovers are SEA, YVR, PSP, GEG, FAT, BNA and MEM.

The 3FA solution will see a limited amount of ODANs. The base requested the ODANs to be built as turn lines.

The base received many complaints and concerns regarding Novembers turn lines.
We consistently request high time turns and two day trips as they are the
most productive and flexible for many in our work group.

Caribbean turns have returned, and we have asked for turns to be paired together and and not be used as filler for both domestic and international.

The Team also expressed its concern that the current format (programming) for DFW turns is not working and adjustments need to be made to retain our high time turns that operate daily for the entire month.

UIO and BOG has returned as an all-nighter for most of December. The base will continue to work with allocations and network planning to maintain this productive trip.

We provided allocations with our bid sheet construction guidelines. Establishing cadence is a top priority. We also requested; two day trips be built back to back, trip types be paired together, consistency of sign in and arrival times, equipment types paired together, and keep all night flying paired together.

The team stressed that Flight Attendants desire multiple days off in a row to pick up additional flying.


2D TRIPS-10.5%
3D TRIPS-54.8%
4D TRIPS-10.1%.

2D TRIPS-10.8%
3D TRIPS-47.3%
4D TRIPS-4.8%.

2D TRIPS-22.4%
3D TRIPS-64.8%
4D TRIPS-0.4%.

The daily line average for the combined operation is 5.47 hours per day. The daily line
average for the 3FA and 4FA solution is 5.20 hour per day.

In Unity,

Maureen and Chris and your DFW Bidsheet Team.

Maureen Walsh-Martin

Chris O’kelley

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