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11.13.17 – (LAA/LUS) – FA Headcounts/No Domicile Transfers for JAN/Mutual Transfers/DEC Transfer Awards/PBS Bidding Timeline/FABRC

  • Planned Flight Attendant Count By Base – LAA/LUS
  • No Domicile Transfer Openings for January 2017 – LUS
  • Mutual Domicile Transfers – LUS
  • December 2017 Transfer Awards – LUS
  • December PBS Bidding Timeline – LUS
  • November FABRC Hours – LUS


Planned Flight Attendant Counts By Base – LAA/LUS

No Domicile Transfer Openings for January 2018 – LUS

Reciprocal transfers only will be offered for the January bid month.

Mutual Domicile Transfers – LUS

Mutual Transfers will be processed following the processing of vacancy transfer requests, if applicable.

The Company will maintain a list of Flight Attendants requesting Mutual Transfers. The requests will be processed in system seniority order.

For Example: 20 PHL Flight Attendants want to transfer to CLT and 35 CLT Flight Attendants want to transfer to PHL. The Company will approve the 20 PHL Flight Attendants and match them to the 20 of the most senior CLT Flight Attendants and swap their bases. The 15 most junior CLT Flight Attendants will be considered in a later month in seniority order of the total requests.

The following are all the possible combinations of base swaps:

  • It is NOT necessary to bid all bases when submitting a transfer request.
  • All transfer requests will remain on file until either awarded or retracted.
  • If you no longer are interested in a base transfer and have a transfer request on file, that request should be retracted.

A Flight Attendant wishing to change their domicile must submit a Transfer Request Form via WINGS by 12:00 NOON (ET)/10:00 AM (MT), Friday, November 17, 2017. The awards will be posted no later than Monday, November 20, 2017.

December 2017 Transfer Awards – LUS

December 2017 PBS Bidding Timeline – LUS

Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center – LUS

Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC): 1-800-327-0117, option 5


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