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11.27.17 – Holiday Pay Guidelines, Early Boarding Issues, Hotel Issues, LAX catering Update, APFA PBS Specialist, BOD Convention, Retirement Roadshow, Charlotte Giving Tree, DOT Publishes Drug Testing Rule

Monday, November 27, 2017

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Holiday Pay Guidelines

Per JCBA Section 3.J; in addition to all other compensation, a Flight Attendant working a sequence/pairing or serving Reserve Standby/On Premise Reserve (OPR) duty*, which touches a “Compensated Holiday” (i.e., Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and/or New Year’s Day), shall be paid seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per holiday.

* “Standby/OPR” is a Reserve who has been awarded or assigned Standby duty in uniform at the airport without a specific flight assignment for the purpose of covering a sequence/pairing in order to prevent a delay.

General Rules:

  • Flight Attendant must work on the actual holiday to receive Holiday Pay.
  • If a Flight Attendant is earning TAFB (Per Diem) on an actual holiday, including during report or debrief, the Flight Attendant will receive Holiday Pay
  • No Holiday Pay for ready Reserve (on RAP), anyone on planned absence, or full sequence cancellations.


Early Boarding Issues

Send your information and reports to prclt[at] or cagle[at]

Hotel Issues

Please complete the Hotel Debrief form on the APFA website and email CLT Base Counsel Rep Sharon Wymer at 614 316-6166  or APFAhotelCLT[at]

LAX catering Update

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) catering situation continues to be very fluid, but the Company is enhancing its service as quickly as possible.

  • As of Monday, November 13, every flight is getting wet ice and trash service at LAX.
  • Each flight is being met by a caterer, LSG, Air Fayre or Gate Gourmet for trash removal and wet ice, prior to departure. If the planned meal is not on board, there is backup in place to provision the flight quickly with sandwiches and salads that have been produced by an alternative food service provider.

APFA PBS Specialist

We are pleased to announce that PHX based Flight Attendant Alana Porter has accepted the position of APFA PBS Specialist. Alana’s role will include participating in PBS bid runs, analyzing the bid files from the PBS runs, and working collaboratively with the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) to ensure the accuracy of awards.

Alana has been involved with PBS since October of 2014, working as a PBS trainer, and with the FABRC research team. She designed training videos and curriculum for our Flight Attendants, including the PBS refresher WBT. She brings a wealth of knowledge and information about the entire process, including the system logic.

Together with the APFA Contract and Scheduling Departments, Alana will meet regularly with the PBS Administrators and the FABRC to ensure PBS is accurately awarding. Flight Attendants deserve the added accountability that Alana will bring to the process.

December Award Issues/Complaints are being handled by Alana.

Champions Award

Congratulations to our Charlotte Winners!

APFA BOD Annual Convention 

The APFA Annual Convention will be held Feb 27th – March 2nd from 0900 – 1700 at the Charlotte Hilton University Place. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Retirement Roadshow

The APFA National Retirement Department will be hosting a retirement seminar in CLT on February 8th (will update with more details closer to February.)

Charlotte Giving Tree 2017

This year, we would like to help a family in need that has four children ages 14, 12, 8, and 2 years old. We only know their ages and what they are in need of:

2 year old Boy – Clothes — 18-24 months.  Shoes size 6 — Loves the movie “Cars” — Hot Wheels – Transformers – Tractors
8 year old Girl — Pants size 10 slim.  Shirts 8/10.  Boots with a fancy heel – Purses — Lip gloss –Loves unicorns, cheerleading and glitter.
12 year old Girl — Pants size 2. Shirt XS. Shoes 6 ½ — Polaroid camera and film — Pair of black suspenders — Loves foxes, cats, football and makeup.
14 year old Girl — Pants size 2. Shirts Small. Shoes size 8 ½ — Art supplies, canvas, paints brushes, loves dogs wolves, hunting and football.

Items can be left in the drop box outside of the Flight Service office in Concourse C, just as you come out of the elevator. If you are going to drop off several items and need help, please let us know and we can meet you.

When we have adopted kids in the past, the parent or parents are rarely listed. You may donate a Target or WalMart gift card in a $5 or $10 denomination. Please don’t leave the gift cards in the drop box—hand them directly to Frank or me.

If you would email Frank or me to let us know what you’ve dropped off, that would be great so we know what we have and what we still need to get.

Frank: fcagle[at] or
Wanda: prclt[at]

If we end up with duplicates or an excess of any particular item, we can donate those items to a local shelter or organization. Gift wrapped items should have a tag or something noting the child’s age and whether the gift is for a boy or girl.

If you have any questions or other ideas for holiday giving, please let Frank or me know.

CLT Giving Tree Flyer >>

DOT Publishes Drug Testing Rule 

Earlier this month, the Department of Transportation (DOT) published a final rule that, among other items, expands the Department’s current drug testing panel to include certain semi-synthetic opioids (i.e., hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone).

The new rule takes effect on January 1, 2018.

To learn more about this final rule, including some of the common names for semi-synthetic opioids, visit the DOT web page:

Part 40 Final Rule Summary of Changes >>

Part 40 Federal Register >>

For more information, contact APFA National EAP Specialist Abby Alconcher at (817) 540-0108 ext. 8701.

CLT Union Office

Occupancy of the APFA CLT union office will take place on Monday, December 11th, located at the Training Center on the 2nd floor. Transportation is provided from CLT Airport-Lower Level (Baggage Claim). Phone contacts and additional details will after December 11th.


There have been an Increasing number of turbulence reports. A list of Turbulence Best Practices can be found on the APFA Safety Department Page.

JSIC Base Visit

The JSIC will be in CLT on January 16th to present “Going Forward to FOI”. Please engage everyone from the JSIC and trainers that will be in crew rooms.

Fume Events

If you detect any abnormal odor or see any smoke or haze in the cabin, follow the procedures outlined in the in-flight manual and notify the flight deck immediately. Be sure to be very specific in the details provided to the flight deck.

If any of the crew members or passenger/s begin to experience any physical symptoms (headache, metallic taste, coughing, irritated eye/nose/throat, dizziness and/or nausea), notify the Captain who will coordinate the appropriate medical response.

If immediately following the flight, you begin to experience any physical symptoms (chest tightness, profound fatigue, muscle aches, sinus congestion and/or a persistent cough), contact the Flight Service Daily Operations desk at IOC (1-888-222-4737) to report the event and your illness/ injury in order to receive the necessary assistance in seeking immediate medical treatment at the nearest hospital for proper testing of a possible exposure. The testing should include a blood test to determine exposure and should be done within 4 hours of exposure if possible.

Medical service providers should be provided with the following billing information for Sedgwick:

P.O. Box 14434
Lexington, KY 40512
Phone: 866.495.7844
Medical bills should be faxed to 407.833.4111  

LUS Flight Attendants should file a CERS report. If necessary, file an IOD via the Flight Service Website by clicking on Safety and Security then LUS Injury on Duty Report, formally known as a Safety Event Report (SER).

Another option for LUS Flight Attendants to report an IOD is through JetNet by selecting Departments, then Worker’s Compensation then Flight Service. Select Complete “IOD Report under Injury Reporting LUS. If you do not seek medical attention and later require medical care, contact the LUS Injury on Duty Administrator Team at 800 327 0117, prompt 6, 3.

Flight Attendants may also consider reporting their specific safety concern regarding the odor/fume event to the Cabin ASAP program for review by AA, APFA and the FAA.

Please send reports of suspected odor/fume events to: safety[at], iod[at] and/or health[at]


Special thanks to all who worked over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Baggage Policy

Per Jill Surdek (CrewNews 10/1/17), the current airport baggage sizer, used by agents, allows for a 45 linear inch carry-on bag. However, some crew members were supplied black, TravelPro bags up to 47 linear inches from a previous supplier offering. Today, the Company only supplies bags that are 45 linear inches. As some larger crew member baggage remains in circulation, the Company worked with Airport Customer Service to update this policy.

As of October 1, crew members are now permitted to carry-on baggage that is up to 47 linear inches, regardless if a Flight Attendant is on duty or flying on personal travel as long as a crew ID is shown.

Thanks for Everything you do each and every day.

Wanda Sarnacki
APFA CLT Base President

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