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11.30.17 – January VLOA, Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form, FOI Summit

Thursday, November 30, 2017

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We have received many calls from Flight Attendants who are upset that the Company did not offer VLOAs for January. We inquired about this decision and were told that due to the feedback the Company received on the line average, they opted to reduce the line average and not offer VLOAs.

We spoke with the Company and used their historical data for January 2017:

107 leaves were offered
Line average was set at 75 hours
566 Reserves
Bidding seniority that was held to 79:00 and below started at 455 (about 34/35 years)
Only 208 Flight Attendants were able to bid 90:01 or more

We have serious concerns that with the absence of VLOAs and the corresponding lower line average, we are going to see a ridiculously high number of Reserves, not to mention the possibility of Flight Attendants being held in PBS at or near the line average.

We have requested the year over year data for Reserve Utilization and Reserve ‘meet guarantee’ (how many reserves made their guarantee in a given month). We have also asked for the month over month and year over year block hours for Flight Attendants. We have been told this information is forthcoming.


If you experience any type of layover hotel and/or transportation issues, please document the situation and file a report using the Hotel Debrief Form on the APFA website.


Brian and I, along with other APFA leadership, attended what the Company is calling an ‘FOI Summit’ earlier this month in DFW. We were able to obtain updates on FOI as well as preview the new and improved systems that will be implemented.

LAA will be receiving the new Crew Portal, ETB, ROTA and TTS systems next May. LUS will be receiving the new Crew Portal, ETB, ROTA and TTS systems next October. TTS will be the trip trade system replacing ISAP.

ISAP is currently housed in CATS. We will be leaving CATCREW and moving into the LAA crew management system at FOI. TTS will be housed in the Crew Portal, and it will work and run similarly to ISAP, but will look different. You will enter your TTS bids via “ballot” instead of the old ISAP Catcrew entries. Training will be available throughout 2018 leading up to FOI.

We also had a preview of the JCBA PBS. The Company took delivery of the JCBA PBS and began BETA testing on October 23rd. Changes in the JCBA PBS include how speakers are bid, reserve bidding, co-terminals/satellite bidding, as well as other additions.

The improvements to systems we currently have are a welcome sight. We believe they will be more simplified and user friendly.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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