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12.04.17 – Allocation Brief


Hello DFW,

This allocation brief is a few days late due to the fact that we are still discussing the January 2018 Reserve numbers. We have been in constant communication over the past few days.

Our latest communication was sent today demanding to know how manning got to 8417 seniority. AA’s data surpasses the December reserve back up list. We will continue to work on the reserve numbers.

January 2018 DFW Allocation Call

5349 Headcount for January 2018, decrease of 34 Flight Attendants from January 2017.

3647 Bid jobs are planned for January 2018. January 2017, DFW had 3631 bid jobs planned. The final bid jobs awarded to the base was 3540. Crew Manning has projected DFW to have 107 additional bid jobs year over year.

293 Open Replacement (Availability) lines are planned.  DFW awarded 417 replacement lines in January 2017. The increase in AVBL was due to the shortfall in bid jobs awarded to the base.

301 Vacation Relief lines will be built. 326 Vacation Reliefs in 2017.

Planning will send an email regarding VLOA availability. Manning indicated that leaves may be available the last two weeks of January.  VLOA web ballots are on the flight service website under crew resources.

No transfers are planned for January 2018. Manning is planning on processing transfers starting in February when new hires start to report to bases throughout the system.

927 (23.3%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve. January 2017 reserves, 795 (19.6%). The base conducted several conference calls with manning regarding the dramatic increase of 132 (3.7%) Flight Attendants serving reserve.  Manning has attributed the percentage to an increase in flying at the base, covering the holiday schedule (first week of JAN.) Manning is stating (their words, not ours) that the reason for the increase is sick calls.

Target line average for DFW is 81.3 and system line average is 80.3.

Crew Allocations

The base will see a pull-down in the holiday flying with the schedule change on January 8th. Once again, this may play havoc with the bid line cadence as additional flying is added for the first week of January. DFW will have a FLEX bank (late night bank) on New Years Day. Many of these flights sign in after 11pm and depart after midnight.

We have had many complaints regarding the deterioration of high time turn lines. We have relayed your comments and have asked for our high time turns to return. January has a projected 34% combined operation sequences built as turns.  We have asked for the high time turns that operate daily be paired together to produce pure high time turns lines. We have many desirable turns that operate sporadically throughout the month, and we requested they be paired with similar sign-in times.

The base has an increase in ODAN flying in January. We have asked allocations to pair these trips together as turn lines.

Two-day sequences have increased to 17.9% form 10.5% in December. We will have two domestic WBD trips: LAX and ORD. The team requested allocations to build the two days trips back to back to the extent possible and keep trip types together.

The team continues to stress to allocations the importance of building bid lines with consistent sign in and arrival times for commuters.

International will continue to see changes to its operation due to winter schedule and equipment changes. FRA and CDG will operate on the 777 for the majority of the month. KOA and LIH will operate thru January 6th. GIG will have limited operation throughout the month.

January Percentages of Sequences:

Combined operation: Turns 34.3%   2D Trips 17.9%   3D Trips  44.3%   4D Trips 3.5%

4FA Solution:  Turns 38.8%   2D Trips 15.4%   3D Trips 42.1%   4D Trips 3.7%

3FA Solution:  Turns 11.9%   2D Trips 30.7%   3D Trips 55.1%   4D Trips 2.3%

Daily line average for the combined operation is 5.50 per day. The daily line average for 4 FA solution is 5.24 hours per day.

3 FA solution average per day is 5.11 hours. System average per day is 5.28 hours.

In Unity,

Your DFW Bidsheet Committee

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