12.29.17 – New Years Message

At the close of each year, I try to send out a New Year’s message that reflects on the year gone by. I also try to provide inspiration and hope for the upcoming year. Let’s face it though—this merger has become increasingly painful on every level.

In my 2016 year in review message, I referred to the Company as a “tsunami.”  Every time we gain some footing, another wave comes in and knocks us off our feet. We continue to battle and triage issues daily. What disturbs me the most is that we fought many of these battles in many of our contracts years ago.

Why are we still utilizing our resources to defend hard fought past practice?

This year has been incredibly disappointing for the Philadelphia base—perhaps the most painful was the announcement of many transatlantic departures out of PHL being flown by other bases. This is a direct result of the lack of FOI.

When this was announced, we let the Company know exactly how we felt about it and relayed to them the negative impact it would have on our base. We worked with the Company and we were able to secure a temporary base letter of agreement to add an additional bid position to the A330 TI/IPD pairings for the summer seasonal flying April-October 2018.  While this is not a perfect solution, it is certainly better than the alternative, and does bridge us to FOI.

As we move forward into 2018, you have my commitment that your PHL base leadership will do all that we can to continue to represent our membership with professionalism and respect. We will do this with one voice. We will listen to one another, respect our differences, and move forward as one.

On behalf of myself, Brian, Rick, Sara and all the Flight Attendants who volunteer their time to serve our membership in PHL, we wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2018 at the New American.

In Strength and Unity,

Kim, Brian, Rick and Sara

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