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1.09.18 – (LAA/LUS) – New Flight Attendant Uniforms will be Produced by Lands’ End

APFA Special Hotline

New Flight Attendant Uniforms will be Produced by Lands’ End


Lands’ End Selected as New Uniform Vendor
APFA is pleased to announce that Lands’ End has been selected to produce new uniforms for all American Airlines Flight Attendants.

Since June, APFA leaders have worked extensively with the Company on the selection of a new uniform supplier. We closely examined several potential vendors, and—with input from APFA’s Board of Directors—we identified Lands’ End as the vendor that can best meet the needs of our Flight Attendants. Lands’ End is well known for its high quality retail garments, and it also produces uniforms for Delta and Alaska flight crews.

Throughout this process, APFA’s number one priority has been to select a new uniform that is safe and reliable for all Flight Attendants. We have been impressed with Lands’ End’s commitment to quality and safety. To further ensure that the new uniform meets our needs, the Company and APFA will embark on the most extensive wear testing process ever undertaken at the airline. The Company and APFA have also created a uniform working group that will provide additional input and feedback about the new uniform before it is rolled out to the entire workgroup.

Today’s announcement is a significant development, and it brings us one large step closer to the day when all Flight Attendants will be able to work in a uniform in which he or she feels safe and has confidence.

The Union Continues to Monitor Issues with the Current Uniform

APFA is continuing to investigate and monitor any and all safety issues regarding the current uniform. If you have concerns about your uniform, we strongly recommend that you seek out one of the alternatives that are available to you.

If you have experienced a suspected reaction to your uniform, APFA highly encourages you to fill out a Uniform Reaction Report through the APFA website. You should also consider filing an IOD if you have experienced an injury or illness that you suspect is related to your uniform. If you have questions about filing an IOD, please contact Bellia Peckson at

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