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1.10.18 – February Allocations Call



Manning Information:

  • 5341 Headcount for February 2018. Decrease of 35 Flight Attendants year over year.
  • 3715 Bid jobs planned for February 2018. Increase of 129 jobs year over year.
  • 73 Open Replacement lines are planned (Availability).
  • 451 Vacation Relief lines planned.

Manning will send out email regarding VLOA availability. VLOA web ballots are on the Flight Service website under crew resources.

20 Flight Attendants will transfer into DFW on 1/31 and 18 Flight Attendants will transfer out. The transfer list was cleared for LGA, BOS and DCA. New hire class 18-01 will report to base the last week of February. Base assignments have not been awarded at this time.

  • 813 (18.4%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in February.
  • Decrease of 114 (4.9%) Flight Attendants from January 2018.
  • Target Line average domestic 81.1%.
  • Target Line average international 81.7%.
  • Combined line average of 81.4%.

Crew Allocations:

The major schedule change in February is on 2/15. KOA and LIH return on the fifteenth. Smaller schedule changes are planned for the Super Bowl and Presidents’ Day.

Due to the schedule change, lines may be bottom heavy.

The base continues to ask allocations for high time turns and two day trips. We have seen improvement in the percentage of sequences for turns and two day trips. Under the new JCBA language, which took effect in October, many of the high time turn sequences presented to the base no longer operate daily for the entire month. The result of this has led to the loss of many pure high time turn lines.

February turn and two day sequence percentages remain consistent with January, however allocations has added many turn lines on the S80 with half working four legs per day. We have told allocations that if they are going to build 4 leg turns they need to be high time and have no sit time. The base requested that the 4 leg turns in February that have excessive sit time be broken up.

DFW will have ODANS in February on the S80. The base has asked allocations to pair the trips together to create ODAN lines. All scheduled DFW ODANS have a hotel assignment for the scheduled crew rest.

We have passed on your complaints about the one trip on your schedule that does not look like the rest (the odd trip with a 0600 sign-in with your PM schedule). Most of the time, these trips are added in the final bid line construction process to bring bid lines to target utilization.

We have asked allocations to be more cognizant of departure times/trip types when adding trips to bid lines to improve Flight Attendant quality of life.

NIPD 3FA solution in February has an above average amount of 4D trips. After discussions with allocations and possible solutions, it was determined the best course of action was to keep the 4D trips as scheduled. If we had attempted to break the 4D trips up it would have resulted in low time three day trips with a result of increasing the amount of days working (18 to 21 days).

We have asked allocations to create bid lines that are commutable and, if possible, four on four off cadence. Currently, all 4D trips have a thirty hour layover. We have advised allocations that going forward, we will not tolerate such an increase.

Low time trip values on domestic and NIPD has been an ongoing issue for the base. Trips working excessive legs for little money is a major concern. The Company has software that tracks block times and credited hours for all bases.

We will provide this data in the monthly base brief. Your base leaders are aware of this ongoing issue and advocate monthly for improvements. February hours are listed below:

  • 3FA aircraft average credit hours per day is 5hrs 19 minutes.
  • 4FA aircraft average credit hours per day 5hrs 26 minutes. T
  • The combined operation average (all equipment, all positions, DOM,NIPD, IPD) is 5hrs 51 minutes per day.
  • DFW average credit hours per day is consistent with other bases.
  • Percentage of Sequences for February:
    • 3FA domestic: 1Day – 15.5%/ 2Day – 39.7%/ 3Day – 44.8%/ 4Day – 0%.
    • 3FA NIPD: 1Day – 8.7%/ 2Day – 3.2%/ 3Day – 60.7%/ 4Day – 27.4%.
    • 4FA aircraft domestic: 1Day – 33.5%/ 2Day – 19.5%/ 3Day – 43.8%/ 4Day – 3.2%.
    • 4FA aircraft NIPD: 1Day – 27.3%/ 2Day – 15.4%/ 3Day – 47.1%/ 4Day – 10.1%.
    • The combined operation average: 1Day – 25%/ 2Day -14.1%/ 3Day – 50.5%/ 4Day – 10.5%.
All statistical data is planned and may be subject to change.

In Unity,

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