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  • Connecting Hotel Rooms – LAA/LUS
  • ODAN Clarification – LAA
  • Lump Sum Payout to Employees – LAA/LUS 
  • Confirm Your SK/VC Accrual – LAA
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Training- LAA/LUS
  • Martin Luther King Day Observed at APFA HDQ – LAA/LUS
  • Uniform Reaction Report Update – LAA/LUS

Connecting Hotel Rooms – LAA/LUS

The APFA National Hotel Department has seen a spike in reports related to rooms with connecting doors—in some cases, rooms with two connecting doors. Per the provisions included in the Company’s hotel contract template:

” [The] Hotel shall provide the same services and amenities and quality of service to American crewmembers that it provides to other hotel guests. Murphy beds, pullout beds, twin beds, or rollaway beds will not be acceptable. Hotel will not assign handicap accessible rooms or rooms with connecting doors to American Crewmembers. American Crewmembers will be housed in the same vicinity on the second flow or above in order to comply with American’s security requirements. Hotel rooms will be located away from street noise, entertainment facilities, maid supplies or supply rooms, elevator shafts, and ice or vending machines.”

The Company is obligated, per JCBA Section 6.B.1., to provide comfortable, safe, and clean single occupancy hotel rooms. AA Crew Accommodations has agreed to include a quality and safety reminder to all hotels, system-wide, in the February crew hotel manifests.

If you are assigned a room that does not meet the stated criteria, please request an alternate room and follow up by submitting a Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form found on the APFA website.

As always, refer to the APFA Hotel Department page for Hotel News You Can Use and upcoming hotel reviews.

A. Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair

ODAN Clarification – LAA

With the implementation of JCBA Section 11.J. at LAA, we have received numerous questions concerning what qualifies a sequence/pairing as an On-Duty All Nighter (ODAN) as opposed to a regular two-day.

An ODAN is a sequence/pairing containing one continuous duty period with no more than two flight legs/segments (each segment contains no more than 2 hours and 30 minutes of block time). The break between the flight legs shall be scheduled for no more than 9 hours and 29 minutes.

It is important to note that this break is measured from the end of debrief on the first leg to an hour prior to departure on the second leg. This means that the total ground time (block to block) can be scheduled for no more than 10 hours and 44 minutes to be considered a Domestic ODAN.

Any sequence/pairing with ground time (block to block) scheduled over 10 hours and 44 minutes, would be constructed as a two-day sequence worth 10 hours.

Also, as an exception to the JCBA Domestic Duty Limitations, per JCBA Section 11.L.1, an ODAN can be scheduled up to a maximum of 14 Hours.

Renee Mayer
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Lump Sum Payout to Employees – LAA/LUS 

As reported in last week’s hotline, AA employees will receive $1,000 payouts from the Company as a result of the tax reform bill that goes into effect for the 2018 tax year.

The Company announced this week that the payout will be made on January 23, 2018 as a separate lump sum payment. The payment is not 401(k) eligible, so your normal deferral, a special election, or any Company match or contribution will not apply.

The Company has published comprehensive FAQs and other information regarding the payout on Jetnet.

Confirm Your SK/VC Accrual – LAA

The Company announced that the preliminary 2017 sick/vacation accrual process has been run. You should review your HISK/L to confirm accuracy. Any discrepancies should be reported by contacting the Flight Attendant Service Center prior to the end of business on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. 

1-800-VIP-CREW (Log in, press #, then 6, then 3)

Note: If you accrued sick time for December 2017, you will see 4 sick hours for the month. If you accrue in January 2018, you will see 4 hours and 30 minutes of sick time on the last contractual day of January 2018.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training- LAA/LUS

Flight Attendants can play a crucial role in the fight against human trafficking. Airline Ambassadors International will be conducting Human Trafficking Awareness Training over the next few weeks at the following airport locations:


Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
1200 – 1330
Commission Chambers MSP Airport
RSVP to angels@airlineamb.orgMcCarran International Airport – Las Vegas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018
0930 – 1100
Terminal 5 – Commissioners Meeting Room
RSVP to angels@airlineamb.org or patrickbe@mccarran.comCharlotte Douglas International Airport
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
1300 – 1500

Piedmont Conference Rm
RSVP to michele.klein@airlineamb.org

Retired APFA member and Airline Ambassadors President Nancy Rivard has been a tireless activist for this cause. Consider attending one of these informative training sessions and learn more about how to identify and report cases of human trafficking.

February Retirement Seminars – LAA/LUS

The APFA Retirement Department will be hosting the following upcoming retirement seminars in February:

These popular and informative briefings cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • 401(k)
  • Pensions
  • Retiree Travel
  • Medicare

The APFA Retirement Handout, “Good Slide!”, is distributed to each participant. The handout follows the slide show presentation, and also contains checklists and contact information to make sure you get everything you have coming to you.

You should attend your first Retirement Seminar no later than 10 years before you think you will retire, but it’s never too early to attend one of these meetings! If you’d like a copy of the Good Slide! handout, it’s also available for download from the APFA Retirement Page. The handout is updated throughout the year, and the most current version is always on the website.

LAA Flight Attendants can pull a pension estimate by visiting the Pension Service Center on Jetnet.

LUS Flight Attendants can request a pension estimate in the mail by calling the PBGC at (800)400-7242.

Guests (such as spouses) are also welcome to attend. Be advised that for seminars located within the secure side of the terminals, you will need to go thru TSA screening.

For any seminar located within the secure side of the terminal, you can also request a gate pass for your guest from the ticket counter. Feel free to contact our department for further instructions or assistance.

All members, regardless of their base or seniority, are welcome to attend any seminar. Start the New Year off right and come learn about retirement!

Ron Harris
APFA National Retirement Specialist

Martin Luther King Day Observed at APFA HDQ – LAA/LUS

APFA will be closed Monday, January 15th, 2018 in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Live Chat will be available during normal weekend hours of 0900 – 1700 CT. 

Uniform Reaction Report Count – LAA/LUS

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