Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

1.14.18 – (LAA) – Clarification on PVDs and ERs – LAA

Clarification on PVDs and ERs – LAA

With the announcement regarding additional PVDs and ERs for the last two weeks in January, we wanted to clarify the procedures for LAA Flight Attendants.

Additional PVDs will be available for both Line Holders and Reserves. Requests for PVDs must be submitted prior to 0759 local base time (LBT) the day prior.

Line holders awarded PVDs will see their guarantee reduced by the sequence value and PVDs added at 3.30 per day.

Reserve PVD requests will only be awarded for one reserve day at a time. The reserve guarantee will be reduced by the reserve daily rate and the PVD value of 3.30 will be added. Reserve PVD awards will be posted by 1500 LBT.

If you prefer not to use your future vacation, you may request to drop your sequence or single reserve day. Crew Scheduling is using the Mini Leave (ER) option on HIPVD to accomplish this. Both PVDs and ER requests must be submitted through HIPVD no later than 0759 LBT the day prior. Reserve ER awards will not be posted until 1500 LBT.

If your request to drop your sequence or reserve day is accepted, you will see the removal code ER on your HI1. This will reduce your guarantee by the value of the sequence dropped or the reserve daily rate.

Reserves may continue to utilize HIRLS. If staffing levels permit, reserves may be released one day at a time with no reduction in guarantee. HIRLS requests must be submitted before the 1700 reserve plotting window begins.

Crew Schedule will award additional requests based on staffing levels and operational coverage.

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