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1.30.18 – Retirement Seminar, Vacation Bidding, Annual Convention, Meeting with Your FSM



Please join us in welcoming back Ron Harris and Patrick Hancock as they present their very popular Retirement Seminar:


Monday, March 5th 10am-1pm
PHL Airport Tour Room
Between Concourses C & D

Whether you are a new hire or you have been flying for fifty years, this is a must-attend event. The information provided spans from the start of your career to the end.

Our new Flight Attendants on the property have no type of retirement other than 401k or other personal investments. Ron and Patrick can put you on the right track to save for your retirement.

Many of our Flight Attendants will collect from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). They can answer all your questions about PBGC, as well as provide other information regarding Medicare, supplemental insurance and so much more.

We cannot recommend this seminar enough. If you have attended, you know what a great job they do. Tell your co-workers how much information is provided in these three hour seminars.


Vacation bidding for the 2018/2019 fiscal year opened on January 27th at noon CT, and will close on February 27th at noon CT. Awards will be published March 5th at noon CT.

Second round bidding will open on March 5th at noon CT and close on March 13th at noon CT. Awards will be published March 20th by noon CT.

If you have any questions about your vacation accrual you may call Vacations at 480-693-1936.

We have had some questions about how filler days are paid. If you attach a filler day to vacation to make seven or more days, you will be paid 4:00 per day. If you attach a filler day to a set of vacation days to make seven days, you will receive 4:00 per day.

If you bid filler days that are stand-alone, they are paid at 3:30 per day. If you bid filler days in a month in which you have seven vacation days, but they do not touch those days, they are paid at 3:30 per day. A good rule of thumb—if you want 4:00 per day for a filler day, it has to touch or make a group of seven vacation days or more.


The APFA Annual Convention will be held in Charlotte, NC. All members in good standing are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend.

Hilton Charlotte University Place
February 27th- March 2nd



Any time you are notified by phone, email, or CBS that your FSM would like to talk with you or meet with you for any reason, you are entitled to Union representation. Calling us after the fact makes it very difficult to ‘un-ring’ the bell.

Please give us a call in advance of the meeting—sometimes the issue can be resolved without an actual face to face meeting. If you are required to meet with your FSM, please call us as soon as you have the date and time so we can assign a representative and add the meeting to our calendars.

PHL Office​: 215.492.0840


In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President


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