1.31.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Elevate 2018: One Connected Team Issues



Elevate 2018: One Connected Team Issues


As the Company forges ahead with Elevate 2018 classroom training, we have heard from many of you that the rollout has been disorganized, chaotic, and has caused an incredible amount of unnecessary stress— in fact, the process has left many feeling anything but ‘Elevated.’ APFA will continue to voice your very valid concerns to management until the problems are addressed.

Please be aware that the Company is assigning this training in reverse seniority order, so be sure to enter a bid that covers your preferred dates and location(s). If you have concerns about your assigned training, please reach out to the Training Support Desk at the following numbers or email:

LAA: 1-800-VIP-CREW # 6, 1, 2
LUS: 1-800-872-7456  2-2-5
then 1
(Hours: M-F 0700 – 1800; Sat & Sun 0830 – 1700)

Live Chat option available on the Flight Service Website Training Home PageEmail: Elevate.FA@aa.com


Flight Service has assured APFA that extra staffing has been added to the Training Support Desk, and wait times to speak with a representative have been greatly reduced.

We will continue to push for improvements in the scheduling and assignment of these classes. Please visit Jetnet for more information on travel, bidding, and the assignment process:


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