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2.08.18 – Allocations, Elevate Training, Scheduling Issues



Yesterday, I was on the allocations call regarding NY for March. The Company has continued to raise the reserves needed for NY. I have shared my frustration with the high numbers. They had 405 for February and they are predicting 429 for March. This is completely unacceptable as reserves are not maxing out. All other bases are experiencing the same added numbers.

Our bid sheets are also unacceptable as to the pairing and the cadence of lines built. Also, I have protested the fact that seq building has caused several issues and is a huge factor with forced RA and legality issues which is part of the cause of high reserves.

All of these issues have been raised strongly and I will go face to face with them in March.
Elevate training:
I have filed a Base Grievance over the Elevate training due to several factors. The base Grievance that I filed is to cease and desist until this training is properly organized.

As of now, I am waiting for the Company’s availability to have this heard. First of all, as usual, the Company has failed to have this training organized correctly. Second of all, having to go out of base is not affordable or realistic for many Flight Attendants. It has been confirmed that effective March 5, 2018, NYC will be a host city for Elevate training. 

We continue to talk to the Company on this issue. As usual, the Company has created a mess.
Scheduling issues:
We are receiving several scheduling complaints regarding scheduling and tracking’s lack of care and respect for our contract.

We have asked for a meeting with top management to share our frustrations along with our BOD. I urge all Flight Attendants to write up their issues so that we can address these with the Company.

I can assure you, they know that we are frustrated because I am not exactly delicate when talking to the Company and they know how angry we all are.

Please send all complaints to me or Cathy at or
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