2.09.18 – Crew Allocations

Hello DFW,

I along with the DFW Bidsheet Committee met yesterday for our monthly Allocations call.

5343 Headcount for March 2018. Decrease of 32 Flight Attendants year over year.

3717 bid jobs are planned for March 2018. Decrease of 81 bid jobs year over year.

43 open replacements lines are planned (Availability ) Increase of 16 lines

Reserve- 760 Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve.  Increase of 51 Flight Attendants year over year.  Decrease of 53 Flight Attendants from February 2018 (813)

Manning presented their information in a new format that did not include reserve percentage information.  All LAA bases requested that manning provide system-wide reserve percentage information as well as individual base percentages.

The base protested the increase of 51 Flight Attendants for March. Bid jobs, vacation relief, headcount and block time are all down in March.

Manning continues to use past statistical data to justify their reserve numbers. The example given was Article 9.L needing to be invoked in both December and January.

Manning will send an HI6 message regarding VLOA availability.

Target line average for March is 82 hours. System line average is 81 hours. DFW has requested that line averages be lowered to create more bid jobs for the base. High line average will most likely increase days working.

DFW will receive eight new hire Flight Attendants (speakers) from class 18-01.  No new hires report in March 2018.

Mutual transfers were posted and will report on March 2nd.


Crew allocations has developed a computer program that provides data regarding the sequences the optimizer has created for the month. The four key metrics are trip length distribution, FA productivity, overnight rest distribution and quality of life. The data is significant for narrow body flying as IPD flying is constant.

Trip Length Distribution:

3 FA solution domestic: 1D-16.3%.  2D-44.0%.  3D-39.6%.  4D-0%
4 FA solution domestic: 1D-32.7%.  2D-21.2%.  3D-42.4%.  4D-3.6%
3 FA solution International:  1D-12.2%.  2D-0%.  3D-70.7%.  4D-7.6%.
4 FA solution International:  1D-35.7%.  2D-12.1%.  3D-44.66%.  4D-7.6%.
Combined operation all equipment all positions: 1D-26.8%.  2D-13.7%.  3D-50.6%.  4D-8.9%.

Overnight Rest:

3FA and 4FA combined operation: 10-11 hours overnight rest 12.3%.  11-12 hours rest 12.8%.  12-14 hours rest 16.7%.  14-16 hours rest 22.7%.  16-24 hours rest 27.6%.  24-34 hour rest 7.5%.  34+hour rest 0.4%

Quality of Life:

No layover less than 10 hours for combined operation. 3FA and 4FA combined operation layover rest less than 11 hours is 12.4%. Combined 3 FA and 4FA overnight rest greater than 12 hours is 74.8%

Bullet Points for March Bid Sheet:

LAX WBD two day trip is gone. DFW will have three turns on WBD. We asked for a two day to return.

The month of March has seen a large increase in 30 hour layovers. Many times, this creates lines working excessive days if the trip is low in time. We have requested that no lines be scheduled for more than 18 days.

Due to the departure time change in SJO, the position five (VM) trip now has a 30+ hour layover. This pairing will result in lines working 20+days.

We addressed the SJO position 5 trip as well as the PHX-SFO all nighter.  The VM sequence of the SJO trip will remain the same if planning does not change the SJO departure time. The PHX-SFO flight is due to flex flying in PHX and is a one time sequence.

LIH and KOA are pure lines.

FCO returns at the end of the month.

We asked the company to continue to pair the ODANS together.

Daylight saving time is March 11th and Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17th.

Some complaints we have received from Flight Attendants in the past month:

  • Establish cadence.
  • Three on four off is most desirable.
  • Three on three off is required at a minimum so Flight Attendants can pick up trips on days off.
  • Turns not used as filler.
  • Pure turn lines most desirable.
  • International turns to be paired together not used as filler.
  • Consistency of sign in times and arrival times.
  • Trips need to be paired with similar sign in times and arrival times.
  • Equipment types paired together.

The Bidsheet Team will continue to fight and push for the betterment of the DFW Flight Attendants

In Unity,

DFW Bidsheet Committee

Maureen Walsh-Martin
DFW Base President

Chris O’Kelley
DFW Vice President
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