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2.09.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Hotel Committee Response to AA Comm/ODAN Hotel Accommodations/Reps in D.C./Calling the Tape – LAA/Reserve Numbers/Duplicate Ballot Deadline/Uniform

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  • APFA National Hotel Committee’s Response to Recent Flight Service Communication
  • ODAN Hotel Accommodations
  • APFA Representatives Travel to Washington D.C.
  • Reserve Reminder – “Calling the Tape” – LAA
  • Reserve Numbers
  • Deadline to Request Duplicate Ballot for LGA Base Elections
  • Uniform Reaction Report

APFA National Hotel Committee’s Response to Recent Flight Service Communication 

In a recent communication to Flight Attendants, the Company recognized that a good layover experience impacts the quality of our work lives and performance. Comfort, safety, security, and food availability in a clean quiet setting are key factors in determining acceptable crew accommodations.

We are pleased the Company has confirmed that cost will not be the deciding factor when selecting crew hotels. In the past five years since exiting bankruptcy, the APFA National Hotel Committee has been working tirelessly to improve our hotel and transportation accommodations. While we have made tremendous improvements, we will continue to ensure the Company abides by our contractual language and their written promises.

Please visit the APFA Hotel News You Can Use for upcoming hotel reviews and changes.

ODAN Hotel Accomodations

If you are working an ODAN pairing/sequence, please ensure your hotel allocation is at an airport hotel if available. If you are not at a hotel that meets the criteria of the JCBA, please complete a Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form.

JCBA Section 6.B.2. A Flight Attendant on a sequence containing an ODAN duty sequence shall be provided overnight accommodations at an airport hotel if one exists and proved such property is consistent with the comparable properties used for short overnights.  If an airport hotel is not available, the Company shall work with the Union Hotel Committee to select a suitable hotel for such ODANs as close to the airport as possible.

A. Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair


APFA Representatives Travel to Washington D.C.

APFA National President Bob Ross and longtime APFA Government Affairs Representative Julie Frederick spoke at the 2018 Aviation Safety Symposium this week in McLean, Virginia. In response to a number of high-profile events involving disruptive passengers being removed from aircraft, Bob and Julie participated on the panel titled “Dealing with the Disruptive Passenger: Practical Procedures and Liability Issues.

Bob and Julie shared the Flight Attendant perspective on how stakeholders can best coordinate to handle these type of incidents. They also provided insight on the circumstances giving rise to these events, including shrinking seat size, increased alcohol consumption, full flights, and limited carry-on baggage space. Other factors raised were the role social media has in escalating these types of situations and the importance of early communication and coordination with the Captain.

While in D.C., Bob also attended an event for Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. Senator Shaheen has been an advocate for Flight Attendants and labor groups throughout her Governorship and in the Senate. Bob and Senator Shaheen talked about the new challenges that face the labor movement, and she expressed her thanks to Bob Ross and APFA for their support.

Reserve Reminder – “Calling the Tape” – LAA

The AVRS call-in window is 1700-2100 HBT. Beginning March 1, 2018, the AVRS system for acknowledging the next day’s reserve assignment will be switched off at 2100 HBT. Calls to the tape after that time will not be accepted.

If Crew Scheduling assigns you either a sequence or standby duty and you have not called the tape to confirm the assignment via AVRS, Crew Scheduling will call to advise you of your assignment. You must return this call and speak with a Crew Scheduling Representative.

  • If you are currently on a block of reserve days, YOU MUST CALL THE TAPE
  • If your duty ends during the call-in window, YOU MUST CALL THE TAPE
  • If your duty ends before the call-in window (1700), you have 2 options:
    • Call the Tape
    • If you decide not to call the tape, you must call Crew Scheduling during your debrief to advise them you will not be calling the tape during the call in window. You are obligated to call Crew Scheduling at the completion of your rest.

If duty ends after the call-in window (2100 HBT), you are not required to call the tape. Immediately following your legal rest or duty-free period, Crew Scheduling may contact you for an assignment.

You are NEVER obligated to answer your phone or to return messages left during legal rest or a duty-free period.

Make sure you return a call from Crew Scheduling within 15 minutes. They may and have been issuing missed trips for calls not returned within this time limit.

Reserve Numbers

We continue to meet with the Company regarding the high reserve numbers. They are higher than we have seen in the past, but even so, the Company claims they are necessary. Critical Coverage or Red Flag trips are proffered when there are not enough reserves to cover the operation. This happened every day over the holiday season and, on the LAA side, Article 9.L. was invoked three times.

We are still waiting on detailed reports, but we wanted to share what we know thus far:

The Company did not hire Flight Attendants in the last half of 2017. As Flight Attendants transitioned to a one on/three off rotation, there were no new hires to replace them.

Flight Attendants bid onto reserve in October and November, making them ineligible for reserve during the holidays. This caused the seniorities of those on reserve to go much higher.

With mandatory training and junior Flight Attendants on vacation in January and February, additional reserves are needed.

Sick calls are also a factor. The flu season has hit particularly hard this year, and that has driven up the number of sick calls.

After we receive the requested reports, we will be better able to evaluate the causes for these high numbers and work on solutions.

Renee Mayer
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Deadline to Request Duplicate Ballot for LGA Base Elections

The last day for LGA based Flight Attendants to request a duplicate ballot for the LGA Base President and Base Vice President Elections is this Sunday, February 11, 2018.  However, we highly encourage you to request a duplicate ballot, if necessary, in advance of that date since you likely will not have sufficient time to receive and return your completed ballot by February 16.

To be eligible for this election, you must be a member in good standing, dues current, by 5pm CT February 12, 2018. You may contact the APFA Dues department to make sure your dues are current at or 817-540-0108 ext. 8151.

To request a duplicate ballot or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the National Ballot Committee at or 817-540-0108 ext. 8311.

Cindy Horan
APFA National Ballot Committee

Uniform Reaction Report

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