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2.16.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Delta Maintains Title as Industry Leader in Profit Sharing/Vacation Bidding/Vacation -401k/Admin & Committee Positions/APFA HDQs Closed Monday/Uniform

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•  Delta Maintains Title as Industry Leader in Profit Sharing 

•  Annual Vacation Bidding 2018/19

•  Vacation Deferral into 401(k) – LAA

•  Administrative and Committee Positions 

•  APFA HDQs Closed Monday 

•  Uniform Reaction Report 


Delta Maintains Title as Industry Leader in Profit Sharing 

For the fourth year in a row, Delta Airlines employees received over $1 billion in profit sharing this week on 2017 earnings, once again putting AA Flight Attendants in last place when considering total compensation which includes the sharing of hard-earned profits.

As we deal with the ever growing list of problems associated with integration; management publicly promotes cultural themes that speak to validating trust. In a letter to employees announcing a well overdue mid-contract pay raise last April, Mr. Parker spoke of AA’s commitment to compensate employees in line with their peers at other airlines. An industry leading profit sharing program would go a long way in taking that commitment beyond lip service.


It’s time to elevate the profit sharing experience!

Annual Vacation Bidding 2018/19

The Primary round of vacation bidding for LAA Flight Attendants is now open. Vacation bids must be submitted no later than 0900 CT on March 7, 2018. Please read the 2018/2019 Vacation Bidding Letter for more information on eligibility to bid, vacation accrual, bidding instructions for the Primary and Secondary round and vacation contribution into your 401(k).

The Primary round of vacation bidding for LUS Flight Attendants will close at 1200 CT on February 27, 2018. Please read the Annual Vacation Bidding Guide for an overview of AVBA as well as bidding instructions for the Primary and Secondary round of vacation.
Vacation Deferral into 401(k) – LAA

Now that vacation bidding is open, LAA Flight Attendants have the option of deferring all or part of their vacation into their 401(k).

Based on years of service as of 12/31/17, the payout is as follows:

  • Flight Attendants with 25 years or more: 2.30 hours for each vacation day
  • Flight Attendants with less than 25 years: 2.22 hours for each vacation day

The pay used for this conversion will be the applicable hourly rate as of 5/1/18.

401(k) contributions from the vacation deferral will be made as soon as administratively possible after the 2018 vacation year begins on 5/2/18. Unlike earned wages, vacation deferrals are not eligible for the company contribution and/or match.  It is also above and beyond the yearly employee 401(k) contribution maximum ($18,500 plus $6,000 Catch Up for those over 50.)

Flight Attendants who submit an online election but subsequently resign or retire prior to the beginning of the vacation year will automatically revert to a vacation cash out and will be paid 2.22 hours per vacation day as part of their final paycheck per the contract.

Online elections must be made no later than 0900 CT on March 7, 2018 by visiting the link for the 401(k) Vacation Request Form on the Flight Service Website. When making an online election, be sure to print out or write down the confirmation number as proof of a successful submission.

Ron Harris
APFA National Retirement Specialist


Administrative and Committee Positions 

As a reminder, APFA is now accepting resumes for the following positions:

  • Regional Representatives (7)
  • National Department Chairs – (7 – Communications, Contract, Health, Hotel, Injury on Duty (IOD), Safety/Security, and Scheduling)
  • National Balloting Committee (5)
  • National Budget Committee (minimum of 4)

The Regional Representative and Department Chair positions commence on May 1, 2018 for a two-year term ending on April 30, 2020.

The positions on the National Balloting Committee and the National Budget Committee commence on April 1, 2018 for a two-year term ending on March 31, 2020.

Information on the positions and their duties can be found in the APFA Constitution and the APFA Policy Manual on the APFA website.

If interested, please send your resume to the APFA National Secretary1004 West Euless Blvd., Euless, TX 76040 any time prior to the Annual Convention that convenes on February 27, 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Harvard Flight Attendant Health Researchers at ORD

Harvard University is currently conducting their third round of studies to help understand how occupational exposures impact the health of Flight Attendants. Many of our members have already filled out the voluntary Flight Attendant Health Study Survey on the APFA website.
Beginning this weekend, February 17-19th, Harvard researchers will be at Chicago O’Hare Airport to meet Flight Attendants in person and recruit more participants for their survey. If you happen to see them in the Terminal, feel free to engage them for more information.
APFA HDQs Closed Monday 

APFA HDQ will be closed on Monday, February 19th in observance of Presidents Day. Live Chat will be available on Monday from 0900 – 2300 CT. 


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