2.23.18 – (LAA/LUS) – APFA Government Affairs PAC Drive 2018

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Mission Statement: The APFA Government Affairs Program aims to establish positive relationships with members of Congress, the Executive Branch, regulatory agencies, and their staff members in order to educate them on the changing role and duties of Flight Attendants. APFA also seeks Congress’ support on legislative issues that are vital to the interests of the APFA membership.

Legislate AND negotiate! Flight Attendants are entitled to a safe place to work, reasonable working conditions, and guaranteed medical leave. These should NOT be part of our contract negotiations and bargaining processes—they should be fundamental rights of all working men and women.

Fight Regulatory Rollbacks! A key component of the White House agenda is the rollback and elimination of rules and regulations that have protected and supported workers. We monitor and speak out in opposition when the health and safety of our members is threatened.

How You Can Make A Difference: The APFA Political Action Committee (PAC) is comprised of small voluntary donations from APFA members to support political candidates who impact our profession. Dues money is never used. The PAC contributes to both Democrats and Republicans who advocate for broad issues that are important to Flight Attendants and the loved ones that our profession supports.

Corporations and their executives have the ability to give big dollars to candidates in elections. While individually most Flight Attendants don’t have the money to donate large amounts to candidates, our small contributions add up and our voice is heard when we band together. The power of the APFA PAC is in your hands.

PAC Success: Throughout this past election cycle, the APFA PAC helped many labor and Flight Attendant friendly candidates secure election and re-election in Congress. Of the contributions given to candidates up for election in 2016, 88% of the candidates won their race!

What Lies Ahead: As we look forward, the strength of our PAC is more critical than ever in influencing labor-friendly legislation and in stopping efforts to repeal the gains we have made over the past decades. The labor movement faces great challenges, but we do have the opportunity to educate the current Administration, find common ground where possible, and make sure that Congress understands the important role Flight Attendants play as safety professionals and first responders.

Why This Matters: We are witnessing a systematic assault on labor unions. If we allow unions to weaken and disappear, who is left to balance the growing and unprecedented strength of corporations? How will working Americans be ensured reasonable working conditions and wages? Many politicians are seeking to enact right-to-work laws in all 50 states which would eliminate the rights of unions to negotiate a contract of employment with their employer. A national right to work law would likely mark the end of the union movement. So far, there are 28 right-to-work states.

APFA is devoted to ensuring our voice is heard loud and clear in Washington as we continue to fight for our hardworking members. The next few years hold unquestionable challenges that a strong PAC will help us meet. The 2018 elections are the most important in our recent lifetime, so please consider signing up today. A contribution of as little of $2 a paycheck will make a difference. Remember, our strength is in our numbers.

Allie Malis
APFA Interim National Government Affairs Representative

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