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2.23.18 – (LAA/LUS) – BOD Convention/Last 5 Days Pay Protect/Report Fume Events to FD/Retirement Seminars PHL & PHX/Uniform Report

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• APFA Board of Directors Annual Convention

• Pay Protection for Last 5 Days of the Month (excludes RSV) – LAA

• Reporting Smoke/Odor/Fume Events to the Flight Deck

• Upcoming Retirement Seminars in March

• Uniform Reaction Update


APFA Board of Directors Annual Convention

The APFA 25th Annual Convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina February 27 – March 2, 2018 from 0900 – 1800.

Hilton Charlotte University Place
8629 JM Keynes Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 547-7444

All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend all open portions of the meeting.

The Charlotte Base is pleased to host this year’s Convention. The APFA CLT Base leadership would like to invite all members to a reception on Feb. 27 from 1930 until 2330. The location will be at the hotel in the Glenwaters Room. There will a cash bar, a vocalist/entertainer, a deejay and dancing. Casual attire is encouraged.


Pay Protection for Last 5 Days of the Month (excludes Reserve) – LAA

Flight Attendants should be familiar with the following parameters when looking to pay protect their last trip during the last 5 days of the month:

  • Pay protection: After sign in, Crew Schedule has the same options as MIC – deadhead, reschedule, hold at the airport for 4 hours, or release
    • Carry-over time is not protected
  • To qualify for pay protection, FA must:
    • Add name to MU list for each DOSTF (day originally scheduled to fly). This includes the original footprint of trip plus 8 hours.
    • Submit a HISEND MU message for each DOSTF. Must include “plot to protect”.
    • Participate in each HISEND MU round until obligation is fulfilled – one trip flown will fulfill obligation.
    • FA is only obligated for trips plotted during the HISEND MU Round, 1200-1330. FA is not required to accept an assignment proffered after 1330.
    • Obligation extends until the earlier of 8 hours after originally scheduled trip sequence termination or midnight last day of the contractual month (if DOSTF + 8 hours extends past midnight last day of scheduled trip, FA must be on MU list the additional day).
    • FA may opt to participate in subsequent MU/II/CC proffer rounds and will not forfeit protection if FA passes or is unable to be reached at time of proffer.
    • See Make-Up HISEND requestsin the LAA On Duty Contract Guide for more detailed information.
  • If FA elects to opt out of pay protection: If LO assigned trip for Last 5 Day Pay Protection cancels, FA has no further obligation and pay will be protected.If LO assigned trip for Last 5 Day Pay Protection cancels, FA has no further obligation and pay will be protected.
    • Pay for last trip is forfeited
    • Pay Projection (PPROJ) may be incrementally reduced by the value of the lost trip
  • If LO assigned trip for Last 5 Day Pay Protection cancels, FA has no further obligation and pay will be protected.


Reporting Smoke/Odor/Fume Events to the Flight Deck

In order to ensure that all pertinent information regarding Smoke/Odor/Fume (SOF) events is properly recorded in the logbook, the Company has introduced a new way to report these events. The Cabin Discrepancy Worksheet (CDW) has been available on the aircraft for many years; however, it has recently undergone a makeover to make it more user friendly and hopefully make reporting fume events easier than in the past.

Putting the information in writing via the CDW, as opposed to just verbally relaying the information to the Flight Deck, ensures that none of the information is lost in translation. It will also serve as a tangible reminder that the SOF event is a very real maintenance issue that needs to be recorded in the log book and addressed immediately. If the event is not recorded in the logbook, the consequences can be far reaching, including the aircraft not being removed from service to be evaluated by maintenance and the immediate denial of IODs.

CDWs should be completed inflight, time permitting. If there is not a CDW onboard the aircraft, revert to the former procedure of calling the Flight Deck to inform.

Regardless of how you report the SOF event to the Flight Deck, please continue to:

1) Notify the Flight Deck immediately
2) Attempt to pinpoint the source and location of the smell
3) Identify the odor category using the designators listed in the Smoke/Odor/Fumes section of the Safety Department page on the APFA website or those listed in the In-Flight Manual under Emergency Procedures>Fires>Fume/Odor Category Identification Chart.

Note: If you or your crew are involved in a fume event on-board an aircraft while at the gate, deplane as soon as possible and seek immediate medical attention.

Noëlle Weiler
APFA National Safety and Security Chair



Upcoming Retirement Seminars in March

As a reminder, the APFA Retirement department will be holding retirement seminars at PHL and PHX next month:

These popular and informative briefings cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • 401(k)
  • Pensions
  • Retiree Travel
  • Medicare

The APFA Retirement Handout, “Good Slide!”, is distributed to each participant. The handout follows the slide show presentation, and also contains checklists and contact information to make sure you get everything you have coming to you.

You should attend your first Retirement Seminar no later than 10 years before you think you will retire, but it’s never too early to attend one of these meetings! If you’d like a copy of the “Good Slide!” handout, it’s also available for download from the APFA Retirement Page. The handout is updated throughout the year, and the most current version is always on the website.

LAA Flight Attendants can pull a pension estimate by visiting the Pension Service Center on Jetnet.

LUS Flight Attendants can request a pension estimate in the mail by calling the PBGC at (800)400-7242.

Guests (such as spouses) are also welcome to attend. Be advised that for seminars located within the secure side of the terminals, you will need to go thru TSA screening.

For any seminar located within the secure side of the terminal, you can also request a gate pass for your guest from the ticket counter. Feel free to contact our department for further instructions or assistance.

All members, regardless of their base or seniority, are welcome to attend any seminar.

Ron Harris
APFA National Retirement Specialist

Uniform Reaction Update


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