3.05.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Message from APFA National President Nena Martin



What a difference a day makes.

No one could have predicted the sequence of events that transpired while at the APFA Annual Convention in CLT. I never envisioned landing in CLT as the elected APFA National Vice President and returning to DFW as the interim APFA National President for the next few months. Though the reality of it all may have not yet truly set in, my vision moving forward is crystal clear.

I know the past several months have been a very trying time. Many of you have expressed your anger and concern over some of the decisions APFA has made, while others want an explanation as to why those decisions were made. The question is how do we best meet the overall needs of everyone without some members feeling like their specific interests are not being met? How do we bridge the cultural divide among our membership, while combining our current work force under the JCBA?

The first step in moving toward this collective goal is a commitment from your Board of Directors and National Officers to put political or personal agendas aside and stand as one to protect the collective rights of our members. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by infighting—we have work to do.

Communication is next on the list. As the former Base President in STL, I take pride in the level of communication shared with my base. My philosophy has always been “If I know, you know.” Knowledge is power. More importantly, accuracy of the information received is paramount. In the age of social media, individuals can reach as wide an audience as APFA. In my first 24 hours of taking office, I have witnessed the wave of rumors already rolling through social media. I won’t sit passively and allow these mistruths to control the narrative. The only way to combat a rumor is with the truth. You will get that from me.

The final and most important factor moving forward is us—you and me. It is because of us that American Airlines is the largest carrier by fleet size, destinations served, revenue, profit and passengers carried. And it will be because of us that we get what we deserve in the next round of negotiations, all the while showing management we are informed, involved, and unified.

Make no mistake, APFA is in good hands. Your National Officers and Board of Directors, as well as our National Chairs and Staff are moving the Association forward. We will not skip a beat. We will absolutely meet our duties and obligations to the membership.

Let me also send a message to management of AA. Do not take this change in leadership as an opportunity to take advantage of APFA. We are moving our strategic plan ahead and strongly representing our proud Flight Attendants. We are, far and above, the nation’s most competent Flight Attendants, represented by the nation’s best Flight Attendant Union. We demand to be treated professionally. Our many open issues including FOI, PBS, transfers, quality of life, pay protections, and uniforms must be resolved fairly and in a timely manner. We will accept nothing less.

Lastly and most importantly, I must count on each and every Flight Attendant to stand united as we move forward. Our greatest strength is our solidarity. We may not always agree, but we will always stand shoulder to shoulder. Our APFA motto still holds
true—“Unity Pays

In Solidarity,

Nena Martin
APFA National President

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