3.11.18 – 2018 DFW Allocation Call

April 2018 DFW Allocation Call:

  • 5351 Total Headcount for April 2018. Decrease of 54 Flight Attendants year over year.
  • 5133 Available Headcount. DFW currently has 218 inactive Flight Attendants.
  • 3864 Bid Jobs are planned. Increase of 147 jobs from March 2018.
  • 65 Open Replacement lines are planned (Availability). Increase of 32 lines from March.
  • 396 Vacation Relief lines are planned. Decrease of 94 relief lines year over year.
  • 777 (15.2%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in April 2018. Increase of 17 Flight Attendants from March 2018.
  • April is the December 2017 rotation for Flight Attendants on the one on three off reserve rotation.

In December 2017, we had 949 Flight Attendants serving reserve. Flight Attendants will see some relief as April’s planned reserve count is considerably less than December’s. Local and National APFA representatives have been meeting with the Company to address the increase in reserve numbers and will continue to advocate for less reserves system-wide.

Manning has sent an HI6 message advising that no VLOAs will be granted for April.

Transfers were posted effective April 1, 2018. Forty-three Flight Attendants transferred into DFW and 28 transferred out. Mutual transfers were posted as well, for a net gain of 22 Flight Attendants.

Manning indicated that they will offer a significant number of transfers for May to prepare for new hire base assignments. DFW currently has 145 Flight Attendants listed on the pending transfer list.

Allocation Call:

    • LIH and KOA seasonal flying ends on April 1st


    • 777 IPD flying for April: OGG, HNL, NRT, FCO, LHR, FRA, MAD, CDG, EZE, GRU


    • 787 IPD flying for April: PVG, ICN, PEK, SCL


    • SJO VM sequence with 32 hour layover returns. The base was given two options regarding this trip: We could keep the trip knowing it would result in 20+ days working, or give it to another base. Once bids were awarded, it was determined that the trip was desirable and actually went senior. We are still hopeful that network planning will change the departure time out of DFW so the trip will return to the productive two-day the base has enjoyed for years.


  • Network Planning cross routed the DFW-BOG and MIA-BOG for April. The result is BOG will now have a 24-hour layover and may work 18 days. Planning has fixed this issue for May.

NIPD Percentages of Sequences:

4 FA Solution1D-33.2%  2D-9.7%  3D-50.8%  4D-6.4%

3 FA Solution:  1D-6.3%  2D-5.5%  3D-80.2%  4D– 8%

LAX and MIA Domestic WBD two-day trips return for April.

Schedule changes for April are

  • 4/1- Easter
  • 4/3-major schedule change
  • 4/20-small schedule change.

The base continues to advocate for high time turns, two-day, and three-day trips. DFW has too many trips that work excessive legs for little pay. We challenge allocations on a monthly basis regarding these grueling and unproductive sequences.

Domestic percentage of Sequences for April:

4 FA Solution1D-33.3%  2D-19.8%  3D-44.4%  4D-2.6%

3 FA Solution:   1D-6.8%  2D-38.9%  3D-54.3%  4D-0%

System sequence percentages (all equipment all positions domestic and international combined)

1D-23.7%  2D-14.1%  3D-53.3%  4D-8.9%

DFW Bid Line Construction Guidelines- April 2018

These are the requests we get from DFW FAs:

    • Establish Cadence – Three on four off is most desirable- three on three off is required at a minimum so Flight Attendants can pick up trips on days off. The goal is to have multiple days off in a row. One day off between trips is not acceptable.


    • Consistency of sign-in and arrival times – Trips need to be paired with similar sign-in and arrival times. Care needs to be given when adding trips to bid lines to reach target line average.


    • Turns no used as filler – Two on four off cadence for high time turns. Turns to be paired with similar time values as well as sign in times. Pure turn lines most desirable.


    • International turns to be paired together and not used as filler – 3FA solution turns to be paired together. ODANS paired together.


    • Trip types paired together – Equipment types paired together. Establish some lines that are pure airbus and 737 flying. Keep all-nite flying paired together. All-nighter turns are desirable. Keep as pure as possible.


    • Domestic WBD two day trips paired together


  • LIM back to backGRU and SCL four on four off, HNL and OGG lines pure as possible, and  LHR three on four off

The DFW Bidsheet Committee and I are working hard for you everyday to improve these sequences and lines.

In Unity,

The DFW Bidsheet Committee,

Maureen Walsh-Martin
DFW Base President

Chris O’Kelley
DFW Vice President

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