Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

3.16.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Government Affairs Updates/Secondary Round Vacation Bidding – LAA/1Q18 EC Meeting/Uniform Report

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Government Affairs Updates

Rep. DeFazio and Rep. Larsen on Airplane Evacuation Standards

Rep. Peter DeFazio and Rep. Rick Larsen sent a letter to the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) asking for a reevaluation of airplane evacuation standards. As seat pitch has decreased and seating configurations have become denser, the standard of evacuating in 90 seconds with half the exits blocked remains the same. Rep. DeFazio and Larsen asked the USDOT to ensure that evacuation simulations are, in fact, representative of real emergency evacuations. He also called for a study on how changes to seat pitch and configuration affect safe and timely evacuations. APFA has been an outspoken advocate of the SEAT Act introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen. We recognize that seating issues extend beyond evacuation safety, including the potential for increased incidents of air rage.

DeFazio, Larsen Request Study on Airplane Cabin Evacuations >>

Competition at ORD

American Airlines announced this week that they reached a deal with the city of Chicago regarding competition at O’Hare. After ongoing negotiations with the city, United Airlines had entered a last minute backdoor deal with the city. Fortunately, for American employees, a new deal was reached this week that will expedite construction of three common-use gates at O’Hare. APFA applauds this move since more gates, more flights, and more routes translate to more jobs for Flight Attendants!

Read the Full Story>>

Allie Malis
APFA Government Affairs Representative

Secondary Round of Vacation Bidding Open – LAA

Primary vacation results are now available in Flight Attendants’ HI10. The secondary round of vacation bidding opened yesterday and will close on Friday, March 23rd at 0900 CT. 

2018-19 Primary VC Award Summary and Secondary VC Slots Available on Jetnet >>

2018-19 Vacation Bidding Letter on Jetnet >>

Trips-missed removals will apply for vacations during the 2018-19 fiscal vacation year for Non-PBS bases. For any base moving to PBS during the 2018-19 fiscal vacation year, the daily rate per JCBA Section 8.B. will apply for vacations scheduled in a PBS base.

Flight Attendants who desire to trade their vacation can post their vacation trade requests on the APFA Vacation Trade BoardPlease Note: The vacation trade board is for reference ONLY. All Flight Attendants who wish to trade their vacation must submit a Vacation Trade to Planning via HISEND form number 8.

Vacation Move-ups and Trades >>

1Q18 Executive Committee Meeting

The 1Q18 Executive Committee Meeting has been scheduled for April 5 – 6, 2018 from 0900-1700 CT at APFA Headquarters in the Unity Pays Conference Room. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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