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3.23.18 – (LAA/LUS) – New HR System May Affect Salary-Based Benefits/New Hire Classes Hosted at APFA HDQs/1Q18 EC Meeting/Uniform Reaction Report Count

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• New HR System May Affect Salary-Based Benefits for Some Members

• APFA Begins Hosting New Hire Classes at APFA HDQs

• 1Q18 Executive Committee Meeting

• Uniform Reaction Report Count

New HR System May Affect Salary-Based Benefits for Some Members

A new Company HR system being implemented next week could slightly affect salary-based benefits such as life insurance and disability coverage since the new system uses a weekly rather than a monthly rate as the basis for its calculations.

In some cases, your coverage will increase (which means your premiums will also increase), in some cases it may decrease (which means your premiums will decrease), but the majority of Flight Attendants will see no change at all. If there is a change, most are impacting premiums by less than $1.

If the Company expects that the change will affect you, you should have already received a letter. You will be able to view the changes by visiting the Benefits Service Center via after March 30, 2018. If you are impacted by a change in premium, you will see it on your April mid-month check. If you wish to decrease or cancel your coverage due to an increase in premiums, you can do so by contacting the Benefits Service Center after March 30, 2018.  Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 0900 – 1800 CT.

Here are some examples based on test data from AA HR, as well as a summary of why there will be a slight change in hours based on how the new HR system calculates annual salary:

Old System 
71 Hours per month X 12 months = 852 Hours per Year
852 hours X hourly rate = Benefits Annual Salary

New System
16.38 Hours per week X 52 weeks = 851.7 Hours per Year
851.7 X hourly rate = Benefits Annual Salary

Kim Coats Tuck
APFA National Health Chair

APFA Begins Hosting New Hire Classes at APFA Headquarters

American plans to hire approximately 2,000 Flight Attendants in 2018. As part of the new hire training curriculum, APFA has traditionally been provided the opportunity to visit Flagship University (FSU) to welcome each class and present an orientation for new hires who will soon be joining our ranks.

These orientations oftentimes serve as a new hire’s first introduction to the organized labor movement, and although we’ve welcomed the opportunity to conduct our presentations at FSU, APFA National leadership has been working for close to a year to solidify plans with the Company to conduct these orientations right here at APFA Headquarters.

With union membership on the decline and membership engagement being more important than ever, APFA strongly feels that new hires should get an up-close, personal look at the organization that represents them.

By hosting them here in the very building their dues will help support, we hope to motivate a new generation of union activists to get involved by witnessing, firsthand, the inner workings of their collective bargaining agent.

Beginning this week, we were proud to welcome Class 18-05 to APFA Headquarters where our soon-to-be sisters and brothers learned about APFA’s history and got the chance to meet their national leadership and representatives. We look forward to hosting future new hire classes at APFA headquarters throughout 2018 and beyond.

Welcome New Hires! You are the future of APFA!

Shane Staples
APFA National Communications Chair

1Q18 Executive Committee Meeting

The 1Q18 Executive Committee Meeting will be held April 5 – 6, 2018 from 0900-1700 CT at APFA Headquarters in the Unity Pays Conference Room. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Uniform Reaction Report Count

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