4.16.18 – (LAA) – Upcoming Pay Alignment on July 16, 2018

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Upcoming Pay Alignment on July 16, 2018 – LAA

In a previous hotline dated February 17, 2018, we clarified some points by offering several examples regarding the upcoming pay alignment that will take place in July when LAA Flight Attendants transition to JCBA language as it pertains to pay periods.

We mentioned in that communication that the Company has offered to provide a transition option in the form of a 35-hour pay advance (loan) to eligible Flight Attendants to make up for the absence of the 35 paid hours in the July mid-month paycheck.

The Company had originally planned to recoup the advance (loan) through subsequent payroll deduction installments divided equally among the next 6 pay periods. After much discussion and pressure from APFA, the Company has agreed to extend the installments over 10 pay periods should Flight Attendants choose the transition advance option.

Additionally, the Company has provided a third option that would allow Flight Attendants to sell back 10 days of their accrued 2019-20 vacation days paid at 3:30 hours per day, payable on July 16th.

Available Options:

  1. Do not select the 35-hour transition advance option.
  2. Accept the 35-hour transition advance and pay it back via subsequent payroll deductions in equal installments made over 10 pay periods.
  3. Selling up to 10 days of your accrued 2019-2020 vacation at the rate of 3:30 per day, payable on your July 16th pay check.

What do I need to do?

    • Logon to Jetnet and check out the new online pay guide Making $ense of 2018 Payroll Changes which is a comprehensive overview of the upcoming pay alignment transition. It includes eligibility requirements for each option as well as common Q & As regarding the transition.


    • Flight Attendants will receive an email from the Company in their aa.com inbox directing them to choose one of the three transition options. The election window runs through June 1, 2018. If you do nothing, you will default to Option 1 and no more action is required. 


    • If you choose options 2 or 3, you will need to complete the DocuSign form which will be included in the email from the Company.


  • If you do not receive the email by April 20, contact the Payroll Service Center.

Note:  If you currently have an active 401(k) loan and your July 16th paycheck does not cover the scheduled repayment, please reach out to the AA Call Center at Fidelity to discuss your options for keeping your loan on schedule. They can be reached at (800) 354-3412.

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