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5.03.18 – Reserve Roundtable, APFA Town Hall, FOI



Please join your base reps as well as APFA Contract Chair Paul Hartshorn Jr. and APFA Scheduling Chair Renee Mayer for our reserve roundtable event.

May 14th 11pm-2pm
PHL Airport Tour Room
Between Concourses C & D


APFA will be hosting a “Town Hall Meeting” this month to discuss a range of topics related to some of the upcoming changes and scheduling tools. Members of the APFA Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) will be on hand to answer your questions about the following topics:

Electronic Trade Board (ETB)
Trip Trade System (TTS)
Reserve Open Time Assignment/Award (ROTA)
JCBA Reserve Rotation

When: May 16th, 2018 from 14:00 – 15:00 Central Time
(Details on how to access the Town Hall will follow in a subsequent hotline)


June 19th Time to be determined
PHL Airport Tour Room
Between Concourses C & D

The JSIC will be presenting and discussing the final changes that will be implemented when we reach FOI. Some of these changes will be quite eye opening. FOI will be the final phase for all of the JCBA to be implemented for the Legacy US Airways Flight Attendants.

Those changes include a new Hours of Service chart & rescheduling duty day limitations, rotating reserve and speaker language changes.

Speakers will no longer be on their own pairing, and will become part of the core crew. They will be able to bid any position their seniority can hold. We have also been told FOI is when the Company will be adding the second speaker to IPD sequences.

I would highly recommend attending a JSIC Roadshow in a base near you.


It appears the first turn has been made down the path to get us to FOI. On May 2nd, some of the rescheduling language in Section 10 has been implemented for the Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants. The Company has decided to do this in a piece-meal approach for them, and the Union has opposed this by filing a Presidential Grievance.

The Company has applied some of the language but not all of it, specifically in regard to the pay protections, and it all fits together. They deserve and are entitled to all of the language being implemented the way it was negotiated.

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