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  • Upcoming JSIC Base Visits
  • Sequence Quality Considerations
  • My APFA Hotel Transportation Committee Reps Speak for Me
  • Hotel Changes After Bids Are Final
  • Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA
  • Welcome New Hire Class 18-12!
  • Uniform Reaction Report 

Upcoming JSIC Base Visits

Starting this month and continuing through June, The APFA JSIC will be conducting base visits throughout the system to discuss the following topics:

  • Crew Portal
  • Electronic Trade Board (ETB)
  • Trip Trade System (TTS)
  • Reserve Open Time Assignment/Award (ROTA)
  • JCBA Reserve Rotation
  • Rescheduling and Pay Protection
  • Deadheading

The second round of base visits will begin at the following bases:

May 22nd
1000 – 1400 

(Location: The large conference room by operations)


May 23rd
1100 – 1500 
(Location: The conference room up-stairs from operations)


The DFW meeting, unfortunately, has to be postponed due to lack of adequate meeting space. JSIC is working with the local leadership to find a location that can accommodate all who wish to attend.

All members in good standing are invited to attend. Please bring your copy of the JCBA. These meetings are open to all Flight Attendants, so even if you are a commuter or have sit time, please feel free to join.


Sequence Quality Considerations

Your base allocations committee, consisting of your base presidents and/or their representatives, meet each month with Crew Planning to discuss your concerns about sequence/pairing constructions. Some of those concerns can be immediately addressed, while others take some time as they can negatively impact other sequences/pairings.

It is frustrating when prime trips that were once flown by one legacy are now being flown by the other. We can fly to each other’s destinations, but not on each other’s metal. These cross-metal flying limitations combined with the mixing of aircraft types within sequences contribute to the obstacles faced by your allocations committee members as they bring your concerns to the Company.

The following list of Sequence Quality Considerations is provided to help you better understand how pairings/sequences are constructed. Some of these Quality Considerations are due to contractual language, while others have been implemented at the request of your allocations representatives and Base Presidents to improve our quality of life.

Renee Mayer
APFA National Scheduling Chair

My APFA Hotel Transportation Committee Reps Speak for Me

It is important to note that Flight Service Market Managers are not included in the Hotel Transportation Committee.

Per JCBA Section 6.A.1., the Hotel Transportation Committee is made up of representatives of the APFA and the Company who shall meet as needed to review and resolve all Flight Attendant feed back relating to lodging accommodations and transportation for Flight Attendants.

Market Managers do not review or resolve hotel and transportation issues. When you share your concerns with Market Managers, the APFA National Hotel Committee is not noticed.

Please submit all hotel and transportation concerns to your APFA Hotel Committee via the Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form on the APFA website.

A. Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair

Hotel Changes After Bids Are Final

The Hotel Department has received several reports from LUS Flight Attendants that the hotel properties change after bids are final. I have requested that AA Crew Accommodations provide the final hotel allocations for LUS so the information can be posted on the APFA Hotel Page for reference while bidding.

I have not received the information to date. Please reach out to the Crew Accommodations centralized hotline so they can provide you with accurate hotel information prior to bids closing:

1-855-448-5778 or Hotel.Contracts.Support@aa.com

ODAN/ODR Hotel Changes 

If your ODAN/ODR hotel allocations have changed from an airport property to a short layover property, please submit a Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form so the Hotel Committee can resolve these issues with the Company.

A. Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair
Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA

As a reminder, Flight Attendants have until June 1st, 2018 to decide whether they will accept the advance from the Company on the July mid-month paycheck.

Please consult the April 16th Hotline to review your options or you can also access the online pay guide on Jetnet:  Making $ense of 2018 Payroll Changes

If you currently have an active 401(k) loan and your July 16th paycheck does not cover the scheduled repayment, please reach out to the AA Call Center at Fidelity to discuss your options for keeping your loan on schedule. They can be reached at (800) 354-3412.

Also, if your mid-month paycheck does not cover your dues check-off, APFA will send you an invoice unless you make payment arrangements by contacting the dues department at dues1@apfa.org or 817-540-0108 ext. 8151. 

Welcome New Hire Class 18-12!

Uniform Reaction Report 


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