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5.25.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Trending FAQs/Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA/Welcome New Hire Class 18-14/ APFA HDQs Closed for Memorial Day/Uniform Reaction Report

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  • Trending FAQs on Rescheduling & Pay Protection
  • Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA
  • Welcome New Hire Class 18-14!
  • APFA HDQs Closed Next Monday for Memorial Day
  • Uniform Reaction Report 


Trending FAQs on Rescheduling & Pay Protection

Q: How can I tell which removal codes on my schedule qualify for pay protection?

A: The following chart includes a description of trip removal codes and which ones are pay protected under the rescheduling and pay protection provisions in the JCBA:

Q:My trip cancelled and Crew Scheduling didn’t call me. What is my responsibility?

A: If you have left your residence and it is within 3 hours of your report, contact Crew Scheduling for your 3 hours of call-out pay. There is no further obligation to contact Crew Scheduling.

Q: The last time I received Location Delay Incentive (LE) Pay, it was paid in addition to my pay protection for my next trip I lost. Why am I no longer receiving my LE pay in addition to my pay protection?

A: When Location Delay Incentive was implemented in early 2015, the Company agreed to pay the incentive on top of the pay protections due to the length of time it would take to program this provision. This provision is now programmed, and it reverts to the contractual language in JCBA Section  Section 14M.7.

Example: Flight Attendant Ruiz has a 15:00 hour IPD sequence Monday-Wednesday and a 15:00 hour IPD sequence Thursday-Saturday. The first sequence experiences a delay, now returning on Thursday. He is removed from the second IPD sequence and pay protected. While he did receive the appropriate Location Delay Incentive (LE) pay, he will be pay protected for the total value of the 2 sequences which would result in 30:00 hours of total pay.

Q: On my last international trip, the crew agreed to VE, but after 8 hours, the trip cancelled. Is there any pay protection, and do I still receive the additional pay for VE?

A: If all legs cancelled and you were not rescheduled, you would receive 3 hours of call-out pay or the duty rig, whichever is greater. In this case, you were at the airport for 8 hours before the entire sequence cancelled. You would receive 4 hours of VE pay in addition to 4 hours duty rig (1:2). If you were pay protected for this sequence, you would receive the pay protection plus 4 hours of VE pay.

Q: On my last international trip the crew agreed to VE, but after 8 hours, the first leg cancelled and Crew Tracking removed us from the remainder of the sequence with an XP code. Is there any pay protection? And what about the VE?

A: If only the first leg cancelled, but Crew Scheduling removed you with an XP from the remainder of the sequence, you would receive pay protection for your trip plus any VE pay generated. In this case, based on an 8 hour duty day, 4 hours of VE pay was generated. Any call-out pay would be absorbed in the sequence protection.

To access a complete list of all FAQs to date, as well as other resources related to Rescheduling and Pay Protection, visit the JCBA Hot Topics page on the APFA website.The APFA JSIC

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Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA

As a reminder, Flight Attendants have until June 1st, 2018 to decide whether they will accept the advance from the Company on the July mid-month paycheck. If you have not received your consent form through your address, please contact the Payroll Service Center at

Please consult the April 16th Hotline to review your options or you can also access the online pay guide on Jetnet:  Making $ense of 2018 Payroll Changes

If you currently have an active 401(k) loan and your July 16th paycheck does not cover the scheduled repayment, please reach out to the AA Call Center at Fidelity to discuss your options for keeping your loan on schedule. They can be reached at (800) 354-3412.

Also, if your mid-month paycheck does not cover your dues check-off, APFA will send you an invoice unless you make payment arrangements by contacting the dues department at or 817-540-0108 ext. 8151. 

Welcome New Hire Class 18-14!
APFA HDQs Closed for Memorial Day 
In observance of Memorial Day, APFA Headquarters will be closed next Monday, May 28th; however, Live Chat will be available from 0900 – 1700 CT. APFA honors our brave men and women who have died in service to our country. Have a great weekend and fly safe!
Uniform Reaction Report

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