5.31.18 – RBEST, PBS Mock Bidding, Reserve Roundtable, JSIC Base Visit, Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form, and more…



RBEST-Required Base Equipment Service Training July 2018

Bidding opens June 1st and closes June 6th at noon.

PBS Mock Bidding

PBS mock bidding begins June 1st 2018. To earn $25 training pay for mock bidding, you need to participate in the first round of mock bids. That means that you have to log-in and make a change for mock bid #1 (a standing bid does not apply).

You have two opportunities to mock bid in each month for June, July, and August. Please take advantage of this practice even if you’re sure there’s nothing else to learn about PBS. This is your chance to make sure you’re familiar with the JCBA changes or to try something new.

If you need help, call the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) at 800-327-0117 (local: 682-315-5997), option 5, 1

Reserve Roundtable

Questions about Rotating Reserve? Come join Charles Starks, Alana Porter, Paul Hartshorn, and Renee Mayer for this special Reserve Roundtable Forum.

When: June 6th 1000-1600
Where: CLT Piedmont Room

APFA JSIC Base Visit
Topics of discussion to include:
  • Crew Portal
  • Trip Trade System (TTS)
  • Electronic Trade Board ETB
  • Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA/ROTD)
  • Reserve Rotation
  • O.N.E. (Operational Notification Engine)
  • Vacation Bidding
  • Rescheduling & Pay Protection
When: June 21st 1000-1530
Where: CLT Piedmont Room

Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form
Experience a problem with a hotel or transportation? Please file a report using the Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form.
Training Support Desk 
PBS based Flight Attendants call 800-872-7456, option 2, 2, 5, pause 1
FABRC (Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center)
PBS based Flight Attendants call 800-327-0117 option 5, 1 and enter your AA ID number at the prompt.
The APFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was created to support Flight Attendants who are experiencing difficulties of a personal or work-related nature. We help Flight Attendants identify and resolve personal concerns related to health, family, alcohol, drugs, emotional stress, or other issues that may affect job performance. We help with issues such as:
  • Alcohol and drug misuse
  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Coping with life changes
  • Trauma and critical incidents (working in tandem with CIRT; Critical Incident Response Team)
  • Interpersonal relationships

As APFA EAP representatives, we maintain strict confidentiality regarding a Flight Attendant’s identity and no information is shared without express written consent.


Many Flight Attendants are reluctant to disclose private information about their personal problems for fear of retaliation from Flight Service. They worry that participation in an EAP program could endanger their job or that any information shared would be embarrassing and humiliating.

Please know that confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of EAP. Confidentiality must be maintained at all levels on behalf of the employee. This means information about the employee cannot be revealed in conversations with co-workers, managers, or supervisors. Also, the confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse records maintained by EAP is protected under federal regulations.

As APFA EAP representatives, we maintain strict confidentiality regarding a Flight Attendant’s identity and no information is shared without express written consent.

Optum EAP

We also work with Optum EAP Managers at each base. The Optum Employee Assistance Program provides a free consultation, information, and referral service for all American Airlines employees and members of their household. They offer 24-hour telephonic assistance and counseling. Telephonic counseling is free, and employees have the option to meet with a counselor for up to four in-person counseling sessions free of charge. Simply call 800-363-7190.

Feel free to contact your APFA EAP Department at (817) 540-0108 Ext. 8701

Abby Alconcher – eap@apfa.org
Susie Wallace – eap1@apfa.org
Heidi Sakacs – eap2@apfa.org
Joe Stanko – eap3@apfa.org
Bill Ibarra – eap3@apfa.org
Sharon Dunn – eap3@apfa.org

Abby Alconcher
APFA National EAP Specialist

LHR Crew Checked Baggage Procedure Change

The crew bag tagging location will move back to the AA Flight Operations office (currently done at the gate) on Friday, June 1st. The change is required because the current procedure does not comply with CAA regulations.

The new procedure is described below:

The crewmember presents the bag to the bus driver at the hotel and declares it as a “hold” bag. The bag is then loaded in a hold bag section in the baggage compartment of the bus. When the bus arrives at the Control post, the process depends on the location:
At Control Post 8 (which has a body scanner and X-ray with increased technology), the crewmember needs to identify the hold bag to the security officer prior to going through the X-ray machine.
At Control Post 5, the vehicle security officer will ask the driver to identify the hold bags after they are offloaded from the bus, and will then select a bag or bags for a random search to comply with the X-ray/hold bag screening process.
At both control posts, the bag is then reloaded onto the bus in a hold bag section of the baggage compartment. The crew bus stops at Flight Operations for crew briefing, and the crewmember with the checked bag must come into the office with the bag to obtain a bag tag by the crew briefing desk agent.
The crew briefing agent will tag the bag, and will contact the Baggage team lead working the flight to arrange collection of the bag from Operations by a separate driver.
The crewmember will leave the Flight Operations office without the bag, and will return to the bus for transportation to the drop-off point into the Terminal.
The bag will be picked up in Flight Operations by the baggage driver and will be delivered aircraft side for loading.  (Note: the crew briefing agent will monitor to ensure the bag is picked up on time for loading).

As always, thank you for everything you do each and every day!

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